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Simple Daily DIY: First Mini-Challenge Recap

This past weekend we tried our first Simple Daily DIY mini-challenge! We created the #SimpleDailyDIY challenge to help us create something every day, in just 10 minutes a day as a way to unleash our natural creativity together. We ask that you give yourself just 10-minutes a day to make something, unwind, feel productive and happier. You can learn all about the challenge and join here.

The official challenge starts June 1 however we wanted to give it a go and see how the challenge might work. We decided to start with a material that everyone typically has on hand in the home: paper! And given that it was Mother’s Day we pre-selected a few projects to fit the theme.

A day before the mini-challenge started on Friday we sent all of the members of the challenge mailing list a project kit with details of the challenge, the material that we would be using and a few ideas for simple yet impressive project ideas that we had found and tested to make sure that they could be completed in just 10 minutes a day over three days (or less).

Each day over the three day mini-challenge period (Friday to Sunday) we posted step-by-step videos in our Simple Daily DIY Facebook group which you can join here. In the videos Sonja showed us how to make these beautiful large paper flowers that are perfect for wall decor or to use as an embellishment for a gift. It’s just a really nice and bright spring project using simply paper scissors and a hot glue gun.

The second suggested project was DIY watercolor greeting cards and envelopes that were perfect for those who hadn’t yet had a chance to pick up a card for mom for Mother’s Day. This was a really simple project idea that even the kids could help out with.

Jane liked how the watercolor papers looked so much that she decided to use the papers that the kids painted,  traced their hands, then cut out and mounted them into a picture frame as a Momento Mother’s Day gift for herself (sorry you didn’t get a card Mom!).

We Snapchated some of the progress along the way and shared images in the Facebook group as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

We are all so so happy to see some of the challenge participants sharing their creations with us and look forward to seeing more over the coming days.

We’d love for you to join as well! This upcoming weekend the challenge participants get to choose the material! Members of our Facebook group are going to select the type of project that we will all be working on next weekend. You can sign up and join the mailing list for the group to receive the project kits both for these mini-challenges as well as for the full Simple Daily DIY challenge starting June 1.

Let’s get creative, feel productive and have fun together. Join us!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.