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20 Best DIY Macrame Kits for Beginners!

Macrame is a super trendy craft these days and a great way to add an earthy, boho touch to your home. From wall hangings, plant hangers, jewelry and more, this collection of DIY macrame kits is perfect whether you’re a beginner or macrame pro!

Collage of images showing various macrame kits available for purchase.

What is Macrame?

Macrame is a centuries old technique in which ropes, yarn or other cords are knotted in specific patterns to create beautiful textiles. With just a few supplies you can make gorgeous decor for any room in your home. Moreover, you can use this simple method to make unique jewelry, keychains and table runners!

We’ve scoured Etsy and other online sources for the BEST macrame kits, especially for beginner knotters. These projects are a great way to learn some of the basic knotting techniques involved. As they are complete with all the needed supplies, they also make thoughtful gifts for any crafter and even teenagers.

DIY Macrame Kits for Beginners and Beyond

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Macrame Bulk Materials

If you already have a project in mind, such as this DIY Woven Wall Hanging, and just need the materials, this macrame starter kit includes 109 yards of cotton macrame rope, wooden sticks, wooden rings and painted wood beads.

Product images of basic bulk materials from a macrame kit including cord, wood dowels, rings and beads.

Macrame Rainbow Kit

This kit comes with instructions for two rainbow macrame projects. These rainbows can be used for a wall hanging, an ornament, a hair pin or a brooch.

Two completed rainbow macrame wall hangings against a white background.

Macrame Plant Hanger

This is a great beginner’s kit. It includes all of the materials including wood beads to make a beautiful macrame plant hanger.

A potted monstera plant in a completed macrame plant hanger. A cardboard box with the materials and instructions to make the planter.

Six Pack Hanging Planter Holders

These macrame hangers can be used indoors or outdoors. This macrame kit comes with 6 different planter holders in 3 different sizes.

Six completed macrame plant hangers against a white background as an example of the final contents of this beginner macrame kit.

Woven Mandala Kit

This dream catcher macrame kit is a slightly more advanced craft, but the results are well worth the patience as it makes a unique and beautiful piece of DIY art.

A block of step-by-step images to make a colorful woven mandala.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Get creative with this neutral macrame wall hanging kit. The beige color will match any decor and it’s easy instructions will show you how to make basic knotting techniques.

Three Flowers Wall Hanging

This macrame wall hanging kit uses thinner rope and has a flower design. It’s a beautiful and minimal piece of home decor.

Package cover of a DIY macrame kit showing a completed wall hanging.

Owl Planter

This macrame plant hanger kit isn’t a starter project but once you get the hang of it this woodland themed owl plant hanger is a great addition to your home.

Image of the cover of the DIY macrame kit for making a plant hanger with an owl motif.

Mini Wall Hanging

This mini macrame wall hanging is perfect for small spaces. Practice your macrame skills with this smaller piece.

Completed macrame wall hanging.

Mini Plant Hanger

The wood arrow is 10.5″ long and adds a unique touch to this mini plant hanger.

Adorable macrame plant hanger made with a wooden arrow foundation.

Macrame Bracelet

Practice your macrame skills with this jewelry kit. It includes everything you need to make 8 bracelets.

Product image of a DIY macrame kit to make eight stylish bracelets.

Dream Catcher

This small sized dream catcher kit is perfect for older kids and teens. It includes a link to a step-by-step video tutorial and it comes with a gift box.

A complete dream catcher against a black background.

Macrame Necklace

These bohemian style necklaces are a fun fashion accessory. You can choose between 2 macrame kits, an easy or a hard version.

Close up image of 3 necklaces made form this DIY macrame kit.

3 Tier Wall Hanging

This 3 tier shelf is a beginners craft but it’s a perfect project for any skill level. It comes with a variety of colors so you can match your home decor.

Completed 3 tier shelf styled with green air plants.

Mini Succulent Plant Hangers

This macrame kit comes with enough materials to make 4 mini succulent plant hangers. They’re all customizable and come with a variety of bright colors.

Four colorful miniature macrame plant hangers filled with potted succulents, hanging from a branch against a wood background.

Large Wall Hanging

This easy macrame wall hanging, at over 5 feet long, is definitely a statement piece.

Completed project of cream colored rope knotted around a gold hoop ring made from a macrame wall hanging kit.

Leaf Wall Hanging

This macrame wall kit is a little bit on the pricier side, but once you see the intricate design you can see it’s a beautiful piece that’s totally worth it.

Completed macrame leaf wall hanging made from a DIY macrame kit.

Table Runner

This table runner macrame kit has a lace-look diamond pattern. The finished runner is approximately 7 inches wide and 68 inches long.

A completed macrame table runner on a cherry colored wood table surface.

Macrame Keychain

This keychain DIY macrame kit comes with an easy spiral style or a more complicated fishtail style.

Close up image of a gray macrame keychain connected to a gold clasp resting against a rust colored purse.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in this collection of DIY macrame kits to take up a new creative hobby! Any of these creative projects would make beautiful decor for the home or gifts for someone special.

Additional Craft Kits and Collections to Explore

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Collage of images showing DIY macrame kits including wall hangings, macrame planters, feathers and more.

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