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What Mommies Want on Mother’s Day

I vividly remember my first Mother’s Day as a new mom. With my baby just a few months old, I was feeling as would be expected: quite sleep deprived. So, when my husband asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, all I could think of was to be able to sleep in and catch a few extra zzzzzz’s.

So, on that Sunday morning, he got up early, sweetly made me breakfast in bed and took the baby when she woke up. I think he even had gotten a few magazines for me to flip through and relax with. He then took the little one and let me settle in.

It took a whole of two minutes for me to realize how lonely I felt and that what I really wanted wasn’t  to sleep in at all: it was to be with my amazing little family and the beautiful baby that had made me a mommy!

Now, 8-years and four kids later all I want for Mother’s Day is to be surrounded with my beautiful, healthy little ones. But, I was curious as to what they perceived Mother’s Day to be about. So, I individually asked each of the three older kids these questions: “What is Mother’s Day?” and “What do you think mommies want for Mother’s Day?”.

I started with my lively and loving 6-year old son. “What is Mother’s Day?” In typical male fashion, reminiscent of my husband around the time of our anniversary each year, his eyes opened widely in a slightly panicked expression and he quickly asked “Is today Mother’s Day? Tomorrow?”. Once I reassured him, that no, he hadn’t missed it, I asked him again and he responded simply “It’s a day for mommies”. To the second question my practical boy said that mommies want presents for Mother’s Day and quickly reassured me that he had already made mine at school (but it was a secret)!

I loved his frank and transparent responses. I was sure though that my brilliant 8-year old would provide even more insightful answers and was pleased when she confidently stated that Mother’s Day was a day for mommies to take off and play and have fun with their children (can’t help but smile at that one). Then, when asked what mommies want for Mother’s Day, the clever girl, without hesitation informed me that they want to go to Disney World.

That night, at bedtime, with her tucked sweetly into bed, I posed these questions to my imaginative little 3-year old. The first time I asked her “What is Mother’s Day?” she pretty much ignored me. So I tried again and this second time she looked at me with her big, beautiful eyes and shrugged her shoulders with her hands pointing up in an “I don’t know” gesture. When I told her that Mother’s Day was a day for mommies, she perked up and exclaimed, “That’s great news!”. I was so curious to hear what she’d say to the next question.

“Baby, what do you think mommies want for Mother’s Day?” I asked.

She hesitated for a moment, looked up at me with a little smile, and with her precious hand, pointed to herself.

It was the most insightful answer anyone could give.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Sunday 14th of May 2017

I am smiling so hard while reading this it hurts. My first mother's day I asked to go away overnight with my husband for the first time since becoming a mom. My mom watched our son of 9 months. After some shopping, dinner and settling into the hotel, I instantly missed him so much as well. Thanks for reminding me of this.


Thursday 7th of May 2015

So sweet!

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