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How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree

Jane and Sonja
What could be better decor for the cottage or your front porch at the holidays than a rustic driftwood Christmas tree?
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  • thick pieces of driftwood in various lengths e.g. 4" to 4'
  • a central support rod e.g. rebar, shower curtain
  • a strong base to hold up the central support rod e.g. small branch stump
  • a drill with a bit that’s a little larger than the diameter of the central support rod


  • Arrange your driftwood from longest to shortest having enough pieces to reach your desired height.
  • Drill holes in the mid-point of each piece of driftwood, making sure the holes are large enough for your center rod to go through.
  • Prepare the central support rod by drilling an appropriately size hole in the small branch stump and then inserting the rod inside.
  • Starting with your longest, spear each piece of driftwood onto the rod until you are done.
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