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Owl Garden Decor with an Upcycled Cheese Grater

Jane and Sonja
Upcycle materials from your kitchen cupboard to make this rustic owl garden decor.
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  • Stainless steel cheese grater size 9” high
  • Mason Jar lids x2, size 2.75” diameter
  • Metal bottle caps x2, size 1.5” diameter
  • Metal beer bottle caps x2, size 1” diameter
  • 2 screws with washers and bolts
  • Drill or Drill Press with appropriate sized drill
  • Copper Wire
  • Tree Branch approx. 9” long
  • Small tree branch triangular shaped cutting approx. 1” long
  • Hot Glue Gun with clear glue sticks
  • Paper marker and scissors


  • Preparing the Owl Eyes, to determine where to drill the holes, create a paper template of the owl eyes.
  • Trace the largest mason jar lid on to a piece of paper and cut out the circle.
  • Position the paper over the cheese grater towards the top aligning the holes from the grater with the location of the drilled holes.
  • Mark the position with a marker and transfer the markings on to the lids.
  • Repeat with the smaller bottle caps.
  • Next, carefully drill holes through the marked positions using a drill press.
  • Assembling the Owl by working one owl eye at a time, stack the lids from largest on the bottom to smallest on the top aligning the drilled holes.
  • Push the screw through the holes and then align the screw with the designated cheese grater hole.
  • Place the washer and bolt on the other end of the screw (on the inside of the cheese grater) to secure the lids in place.
  • Repeat with the other owl eye.
  • Heat up a hot glue gun and apply the wood nose piece to the cheese grater in the center just under the eyes.
  • Lastly, thread the wire through the two of the bottom holes of the cheese grater from inside out.
  • Wrap the wire around a piece of tree branch to secure in place. The wire needs to wrap 3 times to resemble an owl’s claws.
  • Position the owl outdoors in the garden.
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