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Pebble Art

Jane and Sonja
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  • Materials Needed:
  • Pebbles - assorted sizes and shapes x2 pebbles approx. ½” high x ½” wide and remaining smaller pebbles ⅛” to ¼”
  • Twig
  • Picture Frame glass removed
  • White cardstock
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Fine Tip Sharpie black
  • Krazy Glue gloves
  • Paper cutter or ruler and scissors


  • Cut cardstock to size.
  • Place the twig onto the paper as desired.
  • Place the larger sized pebbles along the twig to resemble birds perching.
  • Begin to place the smaller sized pebbles along the edges of the twig to resemble leaves.
  • Lift one larger pebble at a time and using a pencil, faintly draw the bird beaks and the bird feet.
  • Repeat with the second larger pebble.
  • Trace over top of the pencil markings with a fine tip black sharpie.
  • Using protective gloves, begin to dab Krazy Glue to the back side of the twig and press onto the paper. Hold for 10 seconds to secure in place.
  • Repeat with each pebble.
  • Leave it to fully set overnight.
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