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DIY Pretty Painted Sandals

Jane and Sonja
Personalize your footwear this Summer with DIY pretty painted sandals.
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  • Sandals wedges
  • White canvas sandals
  • DecoArt Stylin Paint in Blue, Fuchsia, Green, Yellow, Turquoise, White
  • Water container
  • Palette or plastic plate
  • Paper towels
  • Small brush
  • Paintbrushes Medium brush, fine-tip, including round
  • Rubbing alcohol or acetone


Floral Sandals

  • Dip a round tip paintbrush into Blue, then slightly into Turquoise, and then into water. Use this mix to paint one oval petal in the center of the sandal strap.
  • Add two smaller petals next to the larger oval petal in the center. Dip a fine tip paintbrush into White and then into water. Paint this mix over the petals.
  • Paint two contoured lines alongside the three petals.
  • Repeat these steps to paint two additional flowers on either side of the first flower.
  • Dip a fine tip paintbrush in Yellow and then in water. Use this mix to dab the base of each painted floral. Add Green stems from the base of each flower.
  • Using a fine tip paintbrush, paint small, 5-petal flowers in random spots using Fuchsia.
  • Using a fine tip paintbrush, paint the center of each small Fuchsia flower in Yellow.
  • Allow the paint to cure fully before wearing.

Flower Accent Wedges

  • Use a medium brush to paint the main area of the shoe in Blue.
  • Use a small brush to paint the leaves in Green and the flower petals in Fuchsia.
  • Use a small brush to paint the center of the flowers in Yellow. Let dry.
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