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Budget-Friendly Upcycled Christmas Centerpiece Craft

We all want the perfect centerpiece for the holidays…but wouldn’t it be nice if you had a Christmas centerpiece craft that was not only budget-friendly but also upcycled?

When you can pick out almost any centerpiece, try picking out one that will become a conversation starter. One that no one has before. Try this one below!

A Christmas Centerpiece Craft to remember…

For this project, it was important to me to do more than just paint a sleigh. I wanted to repurpose it while giving it texture. So I decided to try mixing baking soda with our chalky paint. I think the chalky paint is mainly calcium carbonate with paint but wanted to give it a go anyways. It made it thicker, I loved how it turned out!

I picked out a paint that was a little too yellow for what I wanted, so I did a quick fix by mixing some white paint in it. That way, I could create the creamy color still without having it be too bold of a colour. If you want to be bold though, the sky is the limit!

I found the sleigh at Michael’s, but I am sure you could find one at your local thrift store as well, especially in the off-season.

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Materials Needed

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  • repurposed decoartive sleigh
  • chalky paint in white or ecru color mixed with tsp of baking soda
  • faux fur in white
  • metallic gold paint
  • “Noel” and “Joy” stencil or any stencil you like
  • paintbrush
  • artificial flowers – poinsettia, berries and greenery
  • floral foam
  • hot glue gun as needed

How to create the Sleigh Christmas centerpiece craft

I shared the tutorial for this Christmas centerpiece craft on a recent Facebook Live which you can catch here.

First, we started with our sleigh and painted it.

Next, use the stencil and paint the bottom part gold.

Once the paint is dry, place some faux fur inside of the sleigh.

And then place a block of floral foam inside to be able to put the fake flowers in.

Place the flowers in to the foam and play around with the arrangement until you are happy with the look.

After this, I added some diamond dust to the top edges of the sleigh for some sparkle.

We added a reindeer, and voila! A beautiful sleigh Christmas centerpiece craft is complete!

More Christmas Centerpiece Craft Ideas

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.