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3 Mistakes to Avoid when Making Glycerin Soap with Simply Earth

Soap making has been high on my crafts to-try list for ages. I was so happy to open up Simply Earth’s September Recipe Box to find all the ingredients I needed to get started. Scroll down to order your own recipe box with a special bonus offer.

Hand holding a completed botanical soap in the shape of a flower.

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I still can’t believe that I haven’t tried making soap. I love seeing all those beautiful artisinal soaps, especially some of these on Etsy.  

I guess I’ve felt pretty intimidated to try, assuming that you need a ton of supplies and time.

Close up image of the completed botanical glycerin soaps with bay and cajeput essential oil bottles in the background.

So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that this month’s Simply Earth Recipe Box was about making soap!

And they made it so easy – all the items needed were included in the box along with an easy-to-follow recipe card. Fool proof!

So, I set out to make the Flowers, Spice and Something Nice soap. This soap features Cajeput and Bay Essential Oils alone with Simply Earth’s Glycerine Soap Base.

These oils smell so nice – earthy and natural which is just what I love!

Dropping cajeput essential oil into the melted glycerin soap base.

After watching the quick video they had online I went to it! Although in the end I’m so happy with how my little soaps turned out, I did make a few oopsies along the way:

  1. I didn’t appreciate how quickly the glycerin soap gels together. I worked a bit too slowly which and had a bit of difficulty getting my dried flowers into the soap. Next time I’m planning to work faster, pour a bit of soap, add the flowers and then cover with a bit more soap.
  2. I didn’t have all the materials I wanted on hand. I ended up changing my mind half way through about the soap mold I was going to use. By the time I came back from hunting it down, my soap had already hardened in the bowl so I had to melt it again. It was fine after all, but I would have preferred not to microwave it twice.
  3. I was heavy-handed with the essential oils. I guess I was impatient and ended up dropping way too much essential oils in the soap base. To compensate, I had to double the amount of base I used, which just meant I ended up with even more lovely soap.

Even with a fool like me, the instructions really were foolproof and I was easily able to make two beautiful floral soaps.

Overhead image of the two completed glycerin soaps on a white wood background, surrounded by pink, purple and yellow fresh flowers.

Here are the instructions to make your own:

Ingredients Needed for the Flowers, Spice and Something Nice Soap

You’ll find all of these ingredients in the September Recipe Box:

  • 2 tbsp (1oz) Glycerin Soap Base
  • 2 tsp Dried Flowers
  • 2 drops Cajeput Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Bay Essential Oil
  • Soap mold
  • Toothpick
Materials needed to make the botanical glycerin soap.


  1. In a double boiler or microwave (use 10 sec intervals – it melts quickly!), melt the soap base.
Block of unmelted glycerin soap with aloe in a clear glass bowl.

2. Once melted, remove from heat and stir in essential oils. Drop them in slowly!!

Pouring the melted glycerin soap into the silicone mold.

3. Fill mold with soap base and add flowers. If flowers float to the surface, use a toothpick to push them back in.

Dried flowers being pressed into melted soap base in a flower-shaped silicone mold.

4. Once soap is cooled (about 15 minutes) remove from the mold. It’s ready to use!

A close up image of flower petals embedded in the completed glycerin soap.

That’s it! Easy peasy and so customizable.

I love the idea of putting little toys in the soap for the kids to find. But note that Cajeput and Bay Essential Oils aren’t kid friendly. Simply Earth suggest using Tangerine, Lavendar, Cedarwood or their Sweet Dreams Blend instead.

In the September Recipe Box there are also instructions to make Sugar Scrub Bars and Happy Joy Facial Soap. I’m going to try that one next! There’s also a recipe for a soothing homemade compress, roll on and lovely diffuser blend.

Materials included in the Simply Earth September recipe box including soap-making recipes, essential oils, glycerin soap base and a small silicone soap mold.
All the goodies in September’s Recipe Box!

So order your September Box before it sells out. And be sure to use the code SMCHFREE to get your own Big Bonus Box plus $40 e-gift card to use towards a future month’s box.

You won’t want to miss October’s Simply Earth Recipe Box which will be focused on candle-making. Just in time to cozy up with the cooler weather.

Two translucent glycerin soaps on a white wood plank surface with a dark pink zinnia flower in the background.

Interested in more soap-making ideas?

Be sure to check out these fabulous soap-making tutorials from our fellow blogging friends:

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Collage of images including ingredients to make your own glycerin soap with essential oils and a completed soap with embedded flowers.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.