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Make a DIY Crochet Heart Garland this Weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! We hope your day is filled with love and joy, and that this simple crochet heart garland project brings a smile to your face.

Simple Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day will be pretty chill around here. It’s cold and snowy outside and really there’s no place to go. So we’ll have a movie afternoon with the family. Maybe we’ll even get to make some of these delicious hot chocolate bombs and Valentine’s Day treats for kids. With four kids at home that doesn’t leave to be a lot of room for romance 🙂 .

But Valentine’s Day does provide another reminder to tell the people around us that we love them. And it can be really fun to decorate (my neighbours have their front porch all decked out with pretty red hearts and bows).

Instead of going all out, we have added a few pretty touches around the home including my upcycled straw purse Valentine’s decor, wine bottle luminaries, scrap wood love sign, and today’s t-shirt yarn heart garland.

I made this garland using some of the t-shirt yarn crochet hearts that we shared recently. Over on our YouTube channel we have a whole video on how to make the t-shirt yarn hearts themselves as well as how to make how to use them in three simple projects including the garland.

For the printable crochet heart pattern head over to this post. Then come back and we’ll show you how to assemble some of the hearts into this adorable garland.

Materials needed to make the heart garland

  •  five t-shirt yarn hearts
  • coordinating t-shirt yarn, about 3 feet long

How to make a Crochet Heart Garland

This heart garland has all the hearts hanging from one point in the same direction. To start, lay all the hearts you’ll be using side-by-side. Consider alternating colors or use all the same.

Next, pull a loop of the t-shirt yarn through the point of one heart, from back to front. Pull the tails through the loop and secure in place.

Repeat this process with the next heart, pulling both the long tail and the first heart through the loop you create.

If needed adjust the placement of the second heart to be closer or farther from the first. My hearts are about 5.5″ apart.

Continue until all your crochet hearts are added.

And that’s it! Our simple Valentine’s Day crochet heart garland is all done. I kind of like the non-traditional colours of t-shirt yarn that I used. It means that I’ll be able to pretty much leave those hearts up for a while to enjoy.

Coming up soon we’ll have the third project which is how to make really cute little treat pouches using the t-shirt yarn hearts. For a sneak peek be sure to check out that video we mentioned above.

 We hope you have a cozy and lovely Valentine’s Day friends.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.