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Straw Hat Craft with Dried Lavender

Hi creative friends! We have the perfect upycling project for you today – this fun and creative straw hat craft with dried lavendar and sola wood flowers is sure to be a conversation starter around your dining table!

straw hat craft with flowers in it and blue birdhouse in it.

Want to use straw hats for crafts? Try this fun one!

There is nothing that symbolizes crisp, fresh weather like lavender. I think most of us can smell lavender simply by reading the word. Lavender can be used in a lot of crafts, but we thought this craft was exceptionally special.

By adding the cute spring-like birdhouse, as well as the clever straw hat strung up with twine, this craft is screaming springtime! Yet it could also be out for show in summer and even fall too, making this an excellent long-lasting craft idea.

blue birdhouse with pink bow surrounded by lavender and white flowers in a straw hat.

If you are on the hunt for a straw hat craft, try this one today!

So let’s get started! Find the materials below and learn how to make a straw hat centerpiece to remember.

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flowers in straw hat craft.

Materials Needed

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straw hat with flower bow and ribbon around it.

Crafting a Straw Hat Centerpiece

We have a video on how to create this wonderful straw hat centerpiece on a Facebook live. Find the video here to see it done step-by-step.

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If you’re using a floppy straw hat like the one we used, be sure to spray the hat with a fabric stiffener so that it holds it’s shape. This stuff can be messy so make sure you protect your work surface first.

stiffen stuff with straw hat underneath it.

Begin by placing the hat over top of an empty glass mason jar. Turn the hat and the jar upside down and wrap a piece of twine around the rim of the jar, cinching in the hat snugly to the jar.

Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the jar and then insert it inside.

Now for the fun part! Place the wood flower with floral wire stems into the foam beginning in the center and working your way out. Add the lavender to fill in any gaps covering the exposed floral foam. And lastly, add a decorative birdhousepick inside the arrangement for an added touch!

And voila! The craft is complete and ready to be displayed on your dining table.

Birdhouse in lavender and flower in upside down straw hat brought together with twine.

More Upycled Craft Ideas

We love to use objects we find at the Thrift Store, garage sales or just around the house. Last year, we upcycled a straw bag last year to make a unique wreath for the front door.

For more upcycled craft ideas, check out our project library here.

We would love to see how your straw hat centerpiece came out! Tag us on Facebook or on Instagram! And thank you so much for stopping by to visit us. Stay in the know on our latest crafts, special offers and freebies by joining our mailing list

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.