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ARTDOT Diamond Painting Product Review

Not too long ago, I discovered a new obsession: diamond painting! I may have been a bit late to the game but once I tried this relaxing slow craft I was hooked. And I didn’t even realize that my diamond painting experience could be so much better until ARTDOT came along! With amazing storage and lighting solutions in addition to beautiful designs, ARTDOT is trully the one-stop shop for all your diamond painting needs.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ARTDOT. All opinions are our own.

Woman standing at a table looking down at a diamond art kit she is working on.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting (also called diamond art) is a craft similar to paint-by-number. However, instead of paint, one uses small plastic dots (called drills) to fill in corresponding colored spots on a canvas. The drills are cut with multiple facets so that they sparkle in the light (hence “diamond”). The canvas is a printed sticky sheet onto which the drills are placed.

Many people find the repetitive nature of placing the dots one-by-one (or several at a time) very relaxing. I have always loved getting lost in a beautiful cross-stitch or crochet project or completing a puzzle. Diamond painting gives me the same sense of enjoyment and anticipation as I work towards completing the project.

Diamond Painting Elevated

I must admit that I hadn’t really thought about my diamond painting experience too much. I stored all of my supplies in a grocery bag that I’d pull out when the urge to craft struck. The bag was filled with a mishmash of supplies including my drills in all sorts of little containers. I spent half of my diamond painting time just trying to find the right colors!

So when ARTDOT reached out and asked if we’d like to review some of their products, I was intrigued. You mean, there’s a better way to diamond paint? Not only did they send me a beautifully intricate diamond art kit (The Icy Tulip Secret kit), they also sent a magnifying glass with stand, stackable storage containers, travel storage case and freestyle diamond painting stickers.

Various supplies from ARTDOT including a diamong painting kit and magnifying glass with stand.

These ARTDOT products we had a chance to review were a great quality and reasonably priced. They offer free delivery on orders over $35, ship out in 3-5 days and have received over 100,000 five-star reviews.

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ARTDOT Magnifying Glass with Stand

As someone whose vision isn’t what it used to be, this magnifying glass with light and stand is an absolute game changer. No more stealing my daughter’s lamp for light and my husband’s reading glasses to work on my diamond painting!

Top view of the magnifying lamp on a stand with an image of the diamond painting project in the center.

This magnifier has 5 colors and 10 brightness settings. The stand is weighted really well: even though it comes with a clamp to secure it to your table it works great on its own. I think this magnifier will be a great addition to my craft room for any close up work aside from diamond painting. The only note is that it’s USB powered so you’ll need either a USB adaptor or device to plug it into.

Craft Room Storage Solution

I quickly am falling in love with this stackable storage unit (and it came with all the containers!). This sturdy unit comes in 2-, 4- or 9-drawer (pictured) versions. It’s expandable and can even be mounted on the wall. Not only is it great for diamond painting supplies, but I’ll be using mine for my jewelry making notions, beads and small sewing supplies.

Close up image of a drawer being held open from the stackage storage unit.

Diamond Painting on the Go

My diamond painting project is one of the leisure items I like to bring when we go away for a weekend to visit mom. I usually just grab that grocery bag, but now I have this beautiful portable storage case instead!

These hard-shell cases come in various sizes (the 60 container size is pictured) and colors. The bottom section holds the containers whereas the top pocket holds all the trays and tools. The larger cases can also hold the diamond painting canvas.

A small black storage case being held open to reveal 64 small round containers and other supplies.

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Freestyle Diamond Painting Kit

How great is this box of freestyle diamond painting stickers? The box includes 38 stickers in cute designs. Use any of the included 48 diamond drill colors to craft your own little works of diamond art!

This is such a great option for when you just want to complete something in an hour. It is so reasonably priced and would be a great gift for kids and teens. They can use their creations to embellish embellish notebooks, make charms, cards and more.

Close up image of a box of the ARTDOT freestyle diamond art stickers and a completed pink flower design.

Quality Diamond Painting Kits

ARTDOT diamond painting kits come in various sizes (Beginner, Advanced and Pro) depending on how ambitious you are. I selected The Icy Tulip Advanced kit: it includes 40 different colored drills, tray, washi tape, wax and pen. It even included two freestyle stickers to use with any leftover drills!

Woman holding a large unfinished diamond art canvas from ARTDOT.

I must confess that prior to this opportunity to review ARTDOT diamond painting products I assumed that all these kits were made the same and that cheapest was best. But I was surprised!

The backing on the ARTDOT kit is a soft, anti-wrinkle velvet canvas. The tray is thoughfully made with a convenient emptying hole. The kit came in a cardboard tube which you can use for storage (or to transport it). All the supplies feel sturdy and of a higher quality than I was used to. Best part – the prices are comparable to those other kits!

Hand holding up the back side of a diamond painting canvas to show the soft felt backing.

The only critique I could think of for this ARTDOT review is that I wish they had more diamond painting kit designs to choose from. Hopefuly they will by the time we make it through the ones they have available!

Once you’re done with your diamond painting creation, learn how to seal and display it.

Head on over to ARTDOT and be sure to use our code SUS10 for an additional 10% off your order of diamond painting and craft room goodies!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.