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16 Awesome Paper Crafts For Teens

Paper craft ideas are an awesome way to spend time and make something beautiful. Check out 16 easy and cool paper crafts for teens to make. From jewelry, decor to gifts, there’s so many simple things to make with paper for yourself or to give as a gift.

Collage of images of examples of paper crafts for teens including a paper feather wall hanging, earrings, woven bag, wall art and notebook.

Paper Craft Ideas for Teenagers

I won’t say how long it’s been since I was a teen but I can still remember spending much of my time paper crafting. Believe it or not, things like magazine collages, photo walls and even paper doll fashions were all fun ways to spend time and be creative.

Since many of these DIY paper crafts for teens are made using upcycled materials such as recycled magazines, old maps, paper bags and even toilet paper rolls, you’ll be able to get crafting in no time!

16 Cool Paper Crafts for Teens


DIY Paper Journal

cool paper craft journal.
Make your own mini paper journal. It’s easy and only takes about 5 minutes to make.
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Handmade Journal

cool paper crafts paper journal
Learn the Japanese binding technique to make this handmade paper journal.
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Origami Crafts for Teens

Origami Starship Enterprise

If you’ve got time and want to learn more about Origami this Starship Enterprise paper craft is for you.
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Origami Photo Album

A mini photo book made out of paper! It’s attached accordion style and folds nicely so you can store it or gift it.
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DIY Wall Decor for Teens to Make

Flower Wall

Cool paper crafts flower wall
Make a giant paper flower wall for your bedroom. It’s inexpensive and makes a great decor statement piece.
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Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Toilet paper roll wreath
Can you believe that toilet paper rolls can turn into this giant red heart wreath?
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Recycled Magazine Art

cool paper craft magazine art
Use recycled magazines, junk mail and even old photos to make this collage art piece.
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Paper Feather Wall Decor

Use a Cricut machine to make an earthy feather paper wall decor.
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Paper Flower Garland

Add some cheer to your bedroom with this colorful Marigold paper garland.
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Jewelry Making Crafts for Teens

Paper Beads

Cool paper craft beads.
You probably already have the materials around the house to make these colorful paper beads.
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Paper Earrings

Make your own earrings using scrap book paper. It’s easier than you think and you can customize it with any color or pattern you want.
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Other Creative Paper Crafts that Teens will Love

DIY Explosion Photo Box

An exploding memory box makes a great gift idea or keep if for yourself to store your pictures or trinkets.
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Paper Basket Weaving

Reuse a paper bag and turn it into a sweet little basket.
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Photo Luminaries

Cool paper craft photo luminaries.
These photo luminaries are made of paper and are a super easy way to display your favorite photos.
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Paper Roses

Cool paper crafts Roses
It’s hard to believe that these beautiful paper roses aren’t real flowers. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to make your own.
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3D Map Star

Cool paper crafts 3D Star
Choose a map of your favorite place or vacation spot and use it to make these 3D stars.
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We hope some of these easy paper crafts for teens inspire you to get out those scissors and make something beautiful today. And if paper crafting’s not for you, check out these 20 cool craft ideas for teens as well!

More Fun DIY Ideas for Teens

Have you ever crafted with resin? Teens can make gorgeous projects such as these galaxy-inspired resin bracelets and this simple jewelry display.

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Collage of images of paper crafts for teens including a paper feather wall hanging, DIY earrings, wall art and notebook.

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Saturday 25th of November 2023

I need crafts with only paper and TAPE

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