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45+ Crafts to Make with Picture Frames

If you are looking for crafts to make with picture frames, you have come to the right place! We’ve compiled a full list of 45+ amazingly creative ways to craft with old unused frames. The only trouble you’ll have is deciding which craft to start with!

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Art using Picture Frames

If you’ve ever been to a thrift store, you know they’ll be rows of photo frames available to buy. Sometimes you will find an old frame, and even sometimes you will find a brand-new frame. Any of them can be upcycled to create art!

The same is true at the dollar store. There is usually a plethora of sturdy picture frames for such a small price there, just sitting there waiting for the next DIY project!

The art can then be used for your living room, kitchen, or anywhere in your house where you are hoping to hang art.

Many of these simply require a frame and some spray paint, while others may require some random objects like chicken wire or wooden pallets. Because we love upcycling, almost all of these include items that can easily be found at the dollar store or the thrift store (or sometimes your local craft store.)

Most of the ones below have step-by-step tutorials or full project instructions so make sure to click on the ones you want to try below!

Home Decor Using Picture Frames

I could spend a lot of time creating different designs with beautiful frames and still want to do more! Any craft for home decor with picture frames is a great project. There are smart ways to buy in bulk and do these projects with family or friends too!

Some of the projects include shadow boxes, simply DIY frames, lovely memo boards, or even vintage frames. You can use your own picture frame or buy a small or large picture frame at a thrift store.

Whether you are looking for a crafty project or an easy fun project, I am sure you will find a great thing here.

Picture Frame Crafts for Around your Home

Did you know an old picture frame could create a cute frame tray? Or an old window can turn into a vintage-looking focal point for your hallway? A wood picture frame can become anything with the right imagination and an easy tutorial!

Hereare just a few other ways to repurpose picture frames:

Picture Frame Crafts for Every Holiday

If you want stock-piled projects for every holiday, this is a great list. From DIY Christmas picture frames to Valentine’s and more, making crafts with picture frames is a fun way to create DIY picture frame ideas. Some even give places to add your favorite photo.

It is so much fun to repurpose old picture frames, isn’t it? There is nothing like having a custom picture frame for whatever project you need, or whatever your house is like. Crafts with picture frames can be wonderful for so many options, including:

  • family portraits or other family photos
  • DIY tray or trays
  • wall frames
  • and more!

Some tips before picking out crafts with picture frames:

  1. Start saving popsicle sticks ASAP. Whenever you use them, save them. You’ll never know when you need them for a craft!
  2. This goes for extra scrapbook paper too. If you cut out scrapbook paper, make sure to save the extra pieces instead of throwing them away- they can be repurposed for crafts!
  3. Saving scrap wood or extra wood pieces also come in handy.
  4. Finding a white picture frame or a wood frame can help when it comes to repurposing, but any colors will work since you can fix anything with some chalk paint or acrylic paint.

Which great idea are you going to do first? Let us know in the comments!

Join our crafting community to find more nature-inspired DIYs and upcycled craft ideas. It feels good to repurpose, upcycle and create with nature!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.