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How to Make a Clothespin Angel (with Free Template)

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to get creative and add some thoughtful decorations to your home. And what better way to do that than by creating your very own angel out of clothespins? Not only is this project fun and easy, but we’ll also provide you with a free template so you can craft multiple angels in no time.

Clothespin angel in a frame.

Why I Love This Clothespin Angel Craft Idea

Whether you’re looking for a gift giving idea for someone special or just want to add some beautiful decor to your home, this tutorial has got you covered. Get ready to unleash your creativity and make some beautiful clothespin angels that will surely bring joy and warmth to your home this holiday season.

Close up of clothespin angel.

Can I Paint My Clothespins?

Yes, you can definitely paint your clothespins in different colors! Painting clothespins is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to this angel. You can experiment with different types of paints, such as acrylic paint, spray paint, fingernail polish, and even food coloring. Additionally, you can create your own wood stain with craft paint. Just remember some of these may need a top coat to prevent the color from running if it gets wet.

How to Make Clothespin Angels (with our FREE Template)


Materials needed to make an angel, including clothespins, wood bead, parchment paper and hot glue.


Start by separating the clothespin pieces from the springs.

Removing metal springs from the clothespins.

Next, assemble 4 back-to-back pieces as shown below.

Gluing backs of clothespins together.

Next, assemble 16 end-to-end pieces as shown.

Attaching clothespins lengthwise.

On 14 of the “blue”end to end” pieces, add a third piece to make the shapes below.

Attaching clothespins together.

Glue two “back to back” pieces together from “end-to-end” as shown to create the angel’s body segment.

Gluing tips of clothespins together.

Now that the pieces are preppe,d, you can begin to assemble the angel. Start building the skirt by gluing end to end shapes on one side of body piece as shown.

Gluing clothespins together to form an angel body.

Continue adding the prepared shapes to create an entire skirt according to the template.

Attaching clothespins together to form wings.

Next, glue on the “back to back” arm pieces.

Clothespin angel body.

And then glue on the wing pieces.

Attaching a wood  bead as a head onto the clothespin angel.

Last but not least, add wood bead to the top of the angel body for the head.

Finished clothespin angel.

Now that the angel clothespin is fully assembled, you can use it as is, turn it into an ornament or wall hanging or a piece of art like I have here. You can follow along to the Facebook Live video to see how I mounted it to an inexpensive wood surface.

This Clothespin Angel Is Sure To Bring Joy

We hope this tutorial has inspired you to get crafty and make your own clothespin angel craft this holiday season. Not only is it a fun and easy project, but it also adds a personal touch to your holiday decor. So gather your materials, download our free template, and let your creativity shine as you create these adorable little angels.

Clothespin angel in a frame placed next to pine cone flowers.

Whether for yourself or as gifts for loved ones, these clothespin angels are sure to bring joy and warmth to any home.

Clothespin Angel craft Picture

How to Make a Clothespin Angel (free template included)

Jane and Sonja
Create your own beautiful and thoughtful clothespin angel craft easily using our free colored template.
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Servings 1 Angel



  • Separate the clothespin pieces from the springs.
  • Make 4 back-to-back pieces.
  • Make 16 end-to-end pieces.
  • On 14 of the blue pieces, add a third piece as shown in the in process pictures.
  • Glue two back to back shapes end-to-end to create body segment.
  • Start building skirt by gluing back to back shapes on one side of body piece as shown.
  • Continue adding shapes to create entire skirt according to the template.
  • Glue on arm pieces.
  • Glue on wing pieces.
  • Add wood bead to top of angel body for the head.
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Collage with text overlay showing how to make a clothespin angel.
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