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How to Make a Whimsical and Cheery Square Holly Wreath

DIY square holly wreath | Whimsical winter decor idea

I wish I could find it again, but the other day on Facebook I saw a post that showed a little pie graph that looked something like this:

I don’t know about you, but that’s what life feels like these days: so many ideas, so little time. And life felt like this before the Christmas holidays. I had made this lovely square holly wreath, but just couldn’t find the time to put this post together to share it. So, although holly and glittered pinecones may be a bit past “season” I just can’t wait until next year to share it with you.

Supplies needed for this DIY square wreath:

  • a square frame
  • 10 branches of holly
  • craft wire
  • red glittered pinecones

To make the wreath we repurposed the frame we had made for our Ruby Bird on a Window Wreath post. You can see all the instructions to make a square wreath frame in our Rustic Driftwood and Fragrant Lavender Window Wreath post. I had snipped 8-10 larger branches of holly off of our bush at the cottage. The leaves of the holly bushes stay green year-round, so even now in the winter you would find them. Interestingly our bushes don’t have the red berries so we embellished our wreath with some red glittered miniature pine cones.

To start, I sniped some of the longer twigs off of the larger holly branches. I gathered the branches and twigs into four bunches, one for each side of the wreath, matching the lengths of the frame. I filled in the empty spaces of the bunches a bit by adding some of the smaller twigs. Unlike other winter greenery, the holly branches and leaves appear a bit sparse in areas. But it’s actually this lightness that gives the finished frame a whimsical and spring-like feel, rather than the thick and bulky wreaths of winter.

You can see that Santa helped to make the wreath.

Once I was happy with the fullness of each bunch I attached each side, carefully overlapping the corners, to the square frame with the twine. I added little groupings of the red glitter pine cones for a little pop of colour.

It’s been over a month now since I made the wreath and it is holding up nicely. The leaves have dried in place and look great, just a little less shiny than when they were fresh. I think this wreath would be best kept indoors as I’d imagine the leaves would fall off with too much jostling or wind.

I’m looking forward to changing up the pine cones in a few weeks for something a little more spring-like. Am wondering what I should write on the driftwood chalkboard instead of “Joy”. Any suggestions?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.