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Wine Cork Crafts: Sparkling Star Decor

We know what you must be thinking with this DIY project… “these girls must really love their wine”! Although this is true, our collection of corks is not from our own consumption (hmmm, we did also just post a tasty peppermint shooter recipe….). Instead we grabbed a big bag of them to make wine cork crafts with from Freecycle.

Sparkling star made with painted wine corks as a part of a Christmas mantle

In a nutshell, we are part of a community of recyclers who post items they want to get rid of or are in need of. We briefly wrote about this on our earlier post 6 Creative Ways to Sustain your Craft Habit. Back in the Spring, a fellow member sent an email advising they had a bag full of corks to give away. We jumped on this as soon as we saw it and voila, the corks were ours.

Wine Cork Crafts: Sparkling Star Decor

We wanted to make a free standing star that could sit on top of the fireplace mantle. The intention was for Christmas decor but it turns out, that the star looks great year round!

Wine cork craft ideas including a large star and wine cork Christmas tree on a neutral holiday mantle

We’ve used it as a part of Jane’s rustic Christmas mantel:

10 simple DIY ideas to make your own rustic Christmas mantle. Handmade holiday decorations, ornaments and crafts. #Christmasmantel #Christmasdecor #ornaments #RusticChristmas

Sonja’s also used it for her Rustic Chic Fall home tour decorating (see it peaking out on the shelf?):

A star made from wine corks behind two small driftwood trees on a white bookshelf

And in case you’re wondering what to do with the bottles themselves, check out these super-simple upcycled wine bottle crafts.

Supplies Needed for this Wine Cork Crafts Project:

How to Make this Sparkling Star Wine Cork Crafts Project:

To begin, lay out the pattern on a flat surface making sure the flat end of the corks were face down. It’s pretty important to work it out before starting to glue the corks together to make sure they’ll line up. This was a bit of a puzzle to figure out but I love a good challenge!

Two wine corks glued together with hot glue

A group of 10 wine corks glued together in a triangle shape

Three groupings of wine cork triangles which look like Christmas trees

Arranging the wine cork triangles to form a star shape

Next, with my hot glue gun, I started to piece them together making sure the flat side of the cork was at the bottom. For each additional cork, squeeze them together until the glue dries.To start, I made a bunch of mini triangles (hmmm, these look a lot like mini Christmas trees…note to self: will need to get more corks!).

Wine corks grouped together to form the large star

Detailed image of the wine cork star

Once you have all the wine corks assembled, flip the star over so that the flat side is facing up…aka the new RIGHT SIDE. This will be the side to paint.  Using a small paint brush, begin painting the base of each cork with white acrylic. I took care to paint only the center of each cork base because I wanted some of the cork colour and texture to show.

White acrylic paint used to paint the surface of the wine corks for this wine cork crafts idea

Finally, once dry, add the glitter. With a paintbrush, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to base of each cork and sprinkle some loose glitter. Ensure your work space is covered to save yourself some clean up time afterwards.  Work in small sections when applying the glitter and allow time to dry completely at the end.

Up close image of detailed surface of wine corks after fine white glitter has been added on

And there it is! Budget friendly wine cork Christmas decorations using materials you likely already have at home!

Wine cork crafts! How to make a sparkling star with wine corks. Add a little paint and glitter for a beautiful Christmas or year-round decor. Fun #winecorkcrafts idea! Elegant #crafts with wine corks.

The photos really don’t do it justice to show the lovely sparkle of the glitter.

Rustic holiday mantel including foraged winter green branches and a sparkling star made from wine corks. #winecorkcrafts #winecorks #Christmasdecor

Another wine cork crafts idea?

After finishing the star we did have some extra corks left (no, we didn’t open more bottles 😉 ) and made a small upcycled wine cork Christmas tree. We just love the natural variations in the colours of the corks. I think we’ll try to do mini versions as wine cork ornaments soon as well.

If you’re looking for more DIY ideas with wine corks follow our Pinterest board dedicated to wine cork upcycling projects!

Now your turn: grab yourself a glass of vino and make a new beautiful cork star or tree to enjoy!

Have you made any wine cork crafts lately?

diy winter party decorations

Wine Cork Crafts: Sparkling Star Decor

Jane and Sonja
If you're looking for wine cork crafts, this gorgeous sparkling star decor idea is easy to make and perfect for the Christmas holidays and year-round!
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  • Start by arranging the wine corks on a flat surface to create the star pattern.
  • Glue the wine corks together with the hot glue. Let cool completely.
  • Paint the surface of each cork with white paint. Let dry.
  • Finally, paint on the Mod Podge and then sprinkle on the glitter while still wet (work in small sections). Let dry.
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.