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Simple Bottle Decoration Idea with Chalkboard Labels

Have you ever noticed how interesting and unique glass liquor and wine bottles are? We recently had a little gathering with our friends and they left behind a glass bottle of Hendrick’s Gin. Looking at the decorative liquor bottle got my mind racing over simple bottle decoration ideas we could try (or it could have been the Gin… 🙂 ).

Grouping of clear and black liquor bottle filled with green leaves as a simple bottle decoration idea.

This DIY is as simple as it gets. In fact, I have no photos of the steps since I did it without taking any (I know, I know, bad blogger).

In truth, I created this upcycled glass bottle arrangement as a way of decorating our guest bedroom on a budget. You can check out the other simple and inexpensive guest bedroom ideas here.

A decorative vignette of photo grames, plants and glass bottles on a wood bench in a guest bedroom.

Collecting all the bottles may require you to throw a party or two! Oh the sacrifices one makes to craft and DIY!

Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of these easy wine bottle decorations! Oh, and check out our Luscious Peach Bellini Recipe or these refreshing rhubarb drink recipes which may help to replenish your supplies for glass bottle crafts 🙂 .

Materials Needed for this Simple Bottle Decoration Idea:

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Rustic wood bench decorated with a grouping of glass liquor bottles filled with large green faux leaves.

To Make Your Own Decorative Liquor Bottles:

1. Wash and dry liquor and wine bottles. To remove the labels and glue residue, you can use Goof Off (a multi purpose remover that’s safe for the environment) and follow the instructions on the bottle. Side note (and completely unrelated to this DIY):  Goof Off works really well to remove nail polish stains from carpet – had to learn this tip the hard way!

2. Wrap twine around the top opening of all the bottles and secure in place with a knot.

3. This next step is completely optional: Add a black chalkboard vinyl label to all the bottles. If you don’t have a Cricut machine, you can create a paper pattern first to be sure the shape is correct then trace it onto the vinyl. Stick the labels onto the bottles. The vinyl from Expressions Vinyl is really versatile. We also recently used it to achieve a faux mosaic tile look on an upcycled serving tray.

4. Stick one sprig of hydrangea leaves inside and voila!

Assemble your new simple bottle decoration in groupings like we did here as part of our Mauve-lous Guest Bedroom Refresh, or style them on their own.

This empty wine and liquor bottle decoration idea adds a perfect rustic farmhouse style touch to any vignette.

Like it? Pin it for later!

So easy! Love this wine bottle crafts idea! Would be so fun as a unique centerpiece idea. Chalkboard vinyl and twine add a cozy farmhouse touch. Glass bottle crafts #upcycledcrafts #upcycling #rusticdecor #vinylcrafts

And if you like this glass bottle craft idea, check out these wine bottle craft ideas, faux bottle painting ideas with Cricut, and our beachy air plant terrarium using a jumbo brandy snifter!

Wine bottle crafts ideas including upcycled spirits bottles. DIY glass bottle crafts | Easy DIY wine bottle crafts centerpieces. #upcycling #upcycledcrafts #winebottlecrafts

What are some of your favourite simple bottle decoration ideas? As they say, bottoms up!

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Joseph White

Sunday 6th of February 2022

I have some miniature Martinelli's Apple Juice jars, no labels. Any ideas?

Jane and Sonja

Sunday 6th of February 2022

You made me google them :) - they have such a nice shape! How about little flower vases - you can paint them with a chalky paint. If you like, you can decoupage a pretty napkin design (see this as an example: Would coins fit into them to use as little piggy banks? -Jane

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.