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25 of the Best Craft Kits for Adults (2021)

For all those creative and crafty types out there, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite craft kits for adults. They offer a great, low-investment way to try out a new craft which could become a life-long hobby. Each of these are ones we ourselves would love to try and some we’ve bought for ourselves and as gifts for friends and family members.

Collage of images as examples of the best craft kits for adults including candle making, macrame, wood burning, knitting, cross stitch and more.

What to Look for when Buying Craft Kits for Adults

As we mentioned above, craft kits are a great way to get your feet wet with a new craft. They’re also perfect for someone with a short attention span as they’re generally designed to be completed within a few days.

When shopping for a craft kit for an adult or a child, be sure to look out for the following:

  • high quality materials;
  • full set of instructions;
  • inclusion of all the supplies you’ll need to make the project;
  • good product reviews (if buying online);
  • double check the finished product size so it isn’t larger or smaller than what you’re expecting.

All of the art and craft kits we’ve selected below are sold online. They’ve been assembled by like-minded makers to include all of the materials needed to get started. This list is perfect for makers who enjoy trying new and different crafts and they’re a great solution for those who don’t know exactly where to start.

Since all of our own DIYs and crafts are mostly inspired by nature, such as our Rock’n Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe set or our DIY Driftwood Mirror, we’ve thoughtfully selected an assortment of craft kits that are made with natural materials, such as merino wool, mulberry bark paper, cotton cording, coconut and beeswax and so on.

We also have a great collection of craft kits for kids if you need ideas for the little ones.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. You can find our full disclosure here.

The Best Craft Kits for Adults:

Custom Paint By Numbers

Not only does Winnie’s Picks have gorgeous paint-by-number kits for all skill-levels, but you can even send in a photo and they’ll create a custom kit for you. The kits include a high-quality canvas, all the paints and even brushes you’ll need to complete the project. We sent in a picture of our parents’ home and are now painting it to give them as an Anniversary gift!
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Cross Stitch Creations from Nature

Product image against a white background of a box and book for the Nature Cross Stitch Craft Kit for Adults
This kit-in-a-box includes a step by step project book, needle, embroidery hoop and thread, all the supplies needed to make 12 nature-inspired projects.
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Wood Burning Marker Kit

Supplies included in the Scorch Markers Craft Kit including wood slices, wood burning marker and instructions
If you’ve ever wanted to try wood burning but don’t have the steady hand for it, this alternative is perfect! Scorch Markers let you achieve the same look with more precision and control (no wood burning needed!). This starter kit comes with the markers, wood slices and instructions to get started.
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Adorable Sheep Stuffy

craft kits for adults
Can you say A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E? Instead of buying a stuffie at the store, consider making your own super soft and handmade stuffie as gift for a new baby or lil’ one in your life.
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*Purchase the pattern and the supplies at the same time to make one of those adorable bunnies or one of the other animals available.

Soy Candle Making with Essential Oils

Learn how to make your own soy candles with this highly-rated kit. You can even select your own scents and inclusions.
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Tie Dye Kit for Adults

Experiment with tie dye using this natural dye kit bundle which include 3 beginner kits. Also sold individually, these kits have wonderful reviews and inspiring customer completed project photos!
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Natural Paper Flowers Wall Decor

An arrangement of blue, white adn teal large paper flowers on a beige wall.
Have you ever tried paper crafting? This kit comes with everything you need to make these beautiful paper flowers, all you need to do is assemble them. And another perk about these flowers: no watering needed!
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Coiled Rope Bowl and Coasters

Craft kit for making a coiled rope bowl
Gift the gift of basket weaving! This is one craft I have always wanted to try but never knew where to begin. Learn the basics with this kit and just imagine the possibilities. The materials and tutorial are included so all you need to do is decide when to start!
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Knitted Bunny Hat and Bottoms Kit

Craft kits for adults
Could this be any cuter? I mean seriously! I’m wishing I had a baby to knit this for right about now. Can you just imagine how utterly sweet those baby pictures would be? The kit includes all the materials you need to make this ridiculously adorable hat and bottoms bunny set. It even comes with a “Made with Love” gift tag.
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This multi-color tie dye takes me right back to when I was kid! I can still remember creating my own tie-dyed t-shirts in the backyard. Have you ever tried tie-dye?
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These crochet bunnies look so soft and squishy! We couldn’t help by add them to this list. The kit includes all the materials to make three (yes, that’s right, three!) crochet bunnies, in a gorgeous natural 100% lambswool.
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craft kits for adults
Hand lettering is all the rage! We see it everywhere from artwork, rocks, greeting cards, throw pillows, fashion, you name it. This hand lettering starter kit includes everything you need to learn this fabulous and versatile skill.
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craft kits for adults
I’m in-love with this felt chicken! Needle felting has become a pretty popular craft these days. And if chickens are not your thing, there are loads of other animal patterns to choose from, such as penguins, owls, sheep and more.
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If you’re interested in more felting ideas, we have collected over 20 of the cutest needle felting kits around!


craft kits for adults
Made from the bark of a mulberry tree, these natural papers with matching envelopes are a great start to card making. Simply embellish with a lovely rubber stamp, a pressed flower, hand lettering or even some paint.
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craft kits for adults
You can create your own aromatherapy candle with this fully equipped how-to starter kit. The kit itself makes for a thoughtful gift giving idea or make for yourself or even as a handmade gift for a candle loving friend.
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Feather Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

Have you ever tried macrame? With so many creative designs and decorative uses, it’s no wonder this craft is so popular these days. There are different degrees of skill level, so pick the right one for you. The finished creation will be a work of art you’ll be happy to show off!
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This macrame wall hanging kit looks like a great option as well and if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out Macrame for Beginners and Beyond.

Macrame for Beginners and Beyond

A book filled with inspiring macrame projects for your home and garden will get you motivated to jump right in to this wonderful and trending craft.
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Beginner Knitting Kit to Make a Snood

crafts kits for adults
Are you wondering what is a super chunky knit “snood”? Well, it’s a combination of a hood and a scarf making it a very versatile fashion accessory! The kit comes with beautiful natural merino wool yarn, knitting needles and two different sized patterns as well. With a range of color options available, this is ideal for all kinds of makers, those new to knitting as well as more advanced knitted. Make for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.
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Acrylic Paint Pouring Starter Kit

craft kits for adults
Have you heard of paint pouring? It’s not a new form of art but has definitely grown in popularity over the last year. With a starter kit, you’ll be able to experiment and perfect your paint pouring skills to create some really beautiful effects.
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They also offer a metallic paint pouring kit as well for a different look.

Learn to Knit Scarf

craft kits for adults
Learning to knit while making a scarf is the perfect beginner project. This is how I first started to knit and ever since I’ve been hooked, no pun intended! The kit includes everything you need to make a stylish new scarf that you’ll be proud to show off.
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Colorful Jewelry Making Kit

The kit includes everything you need to make eight complete and beautiful necklaces. Purchase the kit for yourself or a loved one and enjoy making your own jewelry. Or perhaps consider planning a craft night with the girls. How fun would that be?
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Watercolor Painting Kit

craft kits for adults
If you haven’t yet tried watercolor painting, this is the kit for you. It includes all the materials needed to start painting beautiful, colorful florals. It’s a wonderful gift idea for a new artist just beginning to flourish.
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Embroidery Starter Kit

craft kits for adults
With so many designs to choose from, each kit teaches a fun range of embroidery stitching that’s perfect for beginners and more advanced stitchers.
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They have beginner kits for all levels including this owlet hoop art kit great for children to get started on.

Chunky Knit Throw Pillow Cover

Throw pillows are the perfect accessory for any room, especially soft, knitted pillows. They add a cozy, luxurious feel to any space. Enjoy making your own or give the kit as a gift for a knit-loving friend.
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We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of some of the best art and craft kits for adults. Consider these kits as gift ideas for friends, mothers, sisters, teachers, etc.

Coming up with the perfect gift can be tough, really tough. I personally agonize over whether or not the gift will be unique enough, personal enough, or even useful enough. With these kits, you can make a handmade gift from the heart or share the gift of learning a new skill with someone you love.  You could even buy one of these kits for yourself. We all deserve to treat ourselves from time to time, don’t we?

And although these are not considered craft kits, take a look at these popsicle stick crafts for adults! It’s hard to believe these creations were made from something as simple and inexpensive as popsicle sticks!

16+ Popsicle Stick Crafts for Adults!
Popsicle Stick Crafts for Adults

It’s about time someone thinks about the big kids, don’t you think? You’re welcome :). We’d love to hear, which of these craft kits for adults would you love to get?

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Friday 5th of March 2021

This sustainmycrafthabit platform is the best website that provide useful collection of craft kit toys for kids this way when needed a gift selection another guide that i see here help you all the way well so choose best gift for little girls and boys from this collection of 2021 toys these are all the best.

Joann @ Woman in Real Life

Monday 15th of January 2018

These are such great kits! I would love to have the hand lettering and macrame kits in particular. You're so right, these would all be amazing and thoughtful gifts!

Jane and Sonja

Thursday 18th of January 2018

Thank you Joann! You know, macrame is one of those crafts that I'd always wanted to try. One of our aunts used to make the most beautiful wall hangings growing up. I think I may need to pick up this kit, just to give it a try!

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