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Welcome! We’re Jane and Sonja, sisters, moms, craft and DIY addicts and the creators behind Sustain My Craft Habit.

Some people DIY because they can usually make things cheaper than buying it. Others do so because they like to decorate their homes with the latest trends and styles.

While we love those things as well, they’re not what drive our desire to create and make things. We love the entire process of creating, from planning what to make, the process of doing it as well as the end-product.

That’s what you’ll find at Sustain My Craft Habit: inspiration, permission and encouragement to express your creativity, to make things just for the sake of making things.

In particular, you’ll find tutorials on the following and more:

  • knitting and crochet;
  • upcycling furniture;
  • home decorating (modern coastal style);
  • DIY projects around the home and cottage;
  • crafting with natural materials such as driftwood and stones.


We launched Sustain My Craft Habit in March 2015 as a bit of a challenge to ourselves, to see if we could decorate our homes using materials available to us, rather than spending a lot of money on them.

In January 2017 we embarked on our biggest project: an update of our two-bedroom family cottage .

This renovation has given us a chance to put our DIY and decorating into practice and share our progress along the way. You can find some of our progress here:



  • mom to 4 kiddos from 5-13 years of age;
  • neuroscientist working in healthcare;
  • loves to crochet and cross stitch;
  • has found a new hobby in watercolor painting;
  • is on a constant journey to reduce the waste and bring more nature in her home.


  • mom to a beautiful and brilliant little girl;
  • product developer within the fashion industry;
  • by the age of 12, was obsessed with our mom’s sewing machine;
  • loves to knit;
  • appreciates the value of handmade and prefers high-quality over quantity.


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