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Crafts to Make for Pet Loss

There are few things harder than losing a beloved pet. If you know someone that has just lost a pet, handmade pet grieving gifts can be a beautiful way to commemorate a lost pet while showing the person you are thinking about them as they go through this loss.

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Handmade pet grieving gifts for tough times

Map Art Pet Portrait
Create a unique pet portrait, using old maps to collage a portrait of your pet.
Check out this project

This is a beautiful and creative pet memorial gift. Print a map of your local area or your favorite place to go with your pet and turn it into this project.

Wire Kitty Art Memorial
Follow this tutorial to help you make something similar in remembrance of your fur baby.
Check out this project

Creating a pet memorial is a perfect gift for yourself or for someone else. This one is a great way to remember a beloved cat in someone’s life.

Framed Pet Portraits
Create a 3D pet portrait using colorful backgrounds and a layer of photos of your pet.
Check out this project

A custom pet portrait is a special way to help someone with mourning the loss of a dog, cat, or other pet. This personalized pet picture of a furry family member will be a comforting gift in a picture frame.

Decorative Pet Plates
Learn how to add photos of your pet onto plates which you can display as wall decor.
Check out this project

Out of all the memorial products, this one is the right thing if someone wants memories of their beloved pet constantly in their life as opposed to stored on a shelf. Let man’s best friend live constantly in their hearts with a plate. The grieving pet owner could also hang this with a small easel and place it in a favorite place.

DIY Wood Sign with Photo
Learn how to transfer a photo of your beloved friend onto a piece of wood to make a beautiful wood sign.
Check out this project

Everyone chooses different ways to store the memory of a pet. Photo gifts are a beautiful way to capture this. Place this gift in a special spot as part of the grieving process to be able to give them space to talk about their favorite pet, both the good times and the tough times.

Paw Print Ornament with Pets name
Make a paw print ornament with your pets name as a sweet keepsake for Christmas or year-round.
Check out this project

One of the hardest things about losing a pet is not being able to hold his or her sweet paw anymore. This beautiful gift will cherish the sweet paw of their beloved animal.

Paw Print Ornaments
These paw print ornaments will be a treasured memory that lasts forever.
Check out this project

These paw prints are a great way to create pet memorial gifts for someone. They can be used as an ornament or could be made bigger to be a garden stone.

Rainbow Bridge Necklace
Laura from Laura's Craft Life shows how to make a keepsake necklace in memory of your beloved pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge.
Check out this project

If you want a personalized gift with a rainbow bridge, this small but beautiful gift is a beautiful way to add something to a sympathy card. We want to make sure we are delicate with pet loss gifts, and this is a great way for pet lovers to honor their loved ones.

Spun Pet Hair Heart
Follow this easy tutorial showing you how to knit a spun pet hair heart from the fur your pet has shed around your home.
Check out this project

There is nothing harder than cleaning up after a pet is already gone. If you know someone that lost a pet, message them right after their pet passes and ask them to keep the hair once they are ready to clean up. They may think you’re a bit nuts until you present the gift. It is the best way to use pet hair after a pet is gone.

Needle Felted Wool Heart with Pet Fur
Use your pets fur to make a needle felted small pink heart.
Check out this project

This is another way to have more than just a pet’s ashes. By turning the fur into something else, you are creating pet memory gifts that are extremely thoughtful.

Pet Memorial Shadow Box
Honor your pets memory with this beautiful shadow box. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to build and customize your own shadow box.
Check out this project

This is a beautiful DIY way to have pet’s ashes in a shadow box. It is also a perfect way to include a memorial photo frame.

DIY Pet Urn or Keepsake Box
Shara from Wood Shop Diaries shows you how to build two different sized keepsake boxes or pet urns.
Check out this project

Creating a keepsake box is a beautiful cat or dog loss gift, or for any lost pet. It is a way to store the unconditional love an owner has for their pet.

Resin-Poured Keepsake Memento Box
Make this gorgeous resin poured box to hold your pets collar, tags, or other special keepsakes.
Check out this project

If you are looking for memorial ideas for a lost pet, try a keepsake box. This can be a beautiful place to store a dog’s collar, a cat’s favorite toy, or other items. That way, whenever the person experiences grief and is in a time of need, they can go to this gift.

Pet Remembrance Box
Make a pet remembrance box using your special pets objects, photos and footprint.
Check out this project

A pet remembrance box is a great way to. Grab a favorite photo of their animal companion and give them space to write a memory of your pet. This is especially great if your friend had a unique pet that does not always match other pet sympathy gift ideas. Then your friend can hang it wherever is the perfect place for them.

Pet Water Bowl into a Planter
Repurpose your pets water bowl into a succulent garden for your home.
Check out this project

Turning the pet’s items into pet remembrance gifts can be a great way to create a memorial plaque that lasts for a long time. You’d be surprised what can be turned into a memorial ornament. For example, change the bowl into a planter to always keep the animal’s memory there.

DIY Stepping Stones
This easy keepsake stepping stone craft is a special addition to your pets resting place.
Check out this project

Pet memorial stones are not only beautiful but will be around as long as your garden is there. This could really help a dear friend during a difficult time. You could match them with memorial wind chimes to create a beautiful pet loss sympathy gift.

Beloved Pets Are Our Family!

One last thing to remember: if your friend or family member is suffering from the loss of a pet, make sure to say the pet’s name. That seems silly on the surface, but in any type of death people tend to shy away from talking about the loss. Your friend or loved one may want nothing more than to talk about the loss of their pet, so it is important to be open to listening and talking about the great times they had together. That is a great gift in itself, if not the greatest gift.

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