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20+ Free Nature-Themed Adult Coloring Pages

From intricate designs for flowers, landscapes, animals and more, these nature-themed free adult coloring pages printables are the perfect way to relax and unwind!

Collage of free nature theme coloring pages for adults.

One of the best things about having kids is getting down on the carpet and coloring with them. It’s our favorite time to connect – I’m always surprised by the bits of information I learn about their lives as we’re just hanging out together.

Coloring used to be a favorite activity of mine well into my early adulthood, even before adult coloring books were trendy. It’s a low-commitment way to be creative and get lost in a simple craft for a few minutes.

To help you get your coloring on, we’ve collected some of our favorite free adult coloring pages available online which you can print out and injoy. They are all nature-inspired which is perfect as we are waiting for spring.

For some additional creative craft ideas be sure to check out our collection of the best craft kits for adults, or any of our nature crafts ideas. Also, be sure to head over and get our 2021 free printable calendar with a new coloring page each month!

20+ Free Adult Coloring Pages

Flower coloring page
Make these flowers stand out by using crisp and bright colors.
Check out this project
Woodland Animals
This adorable trio of a deer, fox and rabbit is ready to be colored in.
Check out this project
Floral Printable
Color away your stress with this pretty floral printable.
Check out this project
Jumbo Floral
This jumbo floral coloring page comes in 3 different sizes up to 24″x 36″. It’s perfect for decorating and even big enough to use as a pretty gift wrap!
Check out this project
Fall Leaves and Pumpkins
These coloring pages are perfect for fall. There’s 3 different pages to choose from and each one comes in a simple or complex version. A fun activity to do alongside your kids!
Check out this project
Flower Power
This set of 4 coloring pages all include flowers. From a flower trio, a tulip, a bouquet and flowers in vases.
Check out this project

Spring Time Bunnies
These cuddly bunnies are fresh and cute and remind us that winter doesn’t last forever.
Check out this project
Nature Doodles
Nothing is more calming than doodling and this nature doodle is a fun way to relieve stress and still make a beautiful picture.
Check out this project
Ocean Themes
This fun ocean-themed coloring page has seashells, a sea horse, sea star and coral.
Check out this project
Urban Flowers
Sometimes you forget about all the nature that can be found in the big city. These flowers are taking over the urban space beside them.
Check out this project
Music and Mountains
This coloring page is inspired by the song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!
Check out this project
Abstract Elephants
Choose between two abstract elephant pictures. Their bodies are covered in flowers so all you have to do is choose the color that best suits your mood and color away!
Check out this project

Spring Flowers
Whatever the weather is outside spring flowers put a smile on your face. This beautiful garden flowers are ready to be colored!
Check out this project
Mandala Coloring Pages
These creative Mandala pages look like flowers and you get 2 pages to choose from.
Check out this project
These bookmarks remind us of vines from the book The Secret Garden. Color your own bookmarks to hold your place in your favorite book.
Check out this project
Modern Floral
These bold and beautiful modern flowers are complex and awesome to color.
Check out this project
Life’s a Garden
This coloring page is a beautiful collage of everything from your garden. From plants, flowers, birds and bugs.
Check out this project
Inspirational Quotes
These coloring pages are covered in flowers and have an inspirational quote that will definitely brighten your mood.
Check out this project
Flamingo Inspirational Quote
Grab this flamingo in the full color option or a black and white option to color.
Check out this project
Fall Coloring Page
Celebrate the changing seasons with this fun fall-themed coloring page.
Check out this project

We hope you’ve found some coloring inspiration in this collection of free nature-themed adult coloring pages. We will be adding to the list as we come accross other great designs so be sure to check back.

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Collage of adult coloring pages with text overlay saying 20 Nature Themed Coloring Pages for Adults.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.