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Top 12 Cricut Easter Basket Ideas

There’s nothing like an Easter egg hunt with your very own DIY Easter basket! Use any of these top 12 Cricut Easter basket ideas as a fun way to get ready for the Easter bunny!

Cricut Easter Basket Ideas for the Upcoming Easter Holiday

Gather your Cricut supplies because these baskets will easily become one of your favorite projects on your Cricut machine!

No matter what type of Cricut machines you have, whether the Cricut maker, Cricut Joy, the Cricut Explore Air, or any of the other ones, any of these cutting machines will be perfect for this DIY project.

These baskets are great for collecting Easter eggs in, or to have as your own Easter baskets for that Sunday morning. These also serve as wonderful Easter gifts!

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The first one we have says “Oh, for peeps sake” and is super cute! It comes with free svg files.

For Peeps Sake Basket
Can’t wait to get your hands on some marshmallow Peeps for Easter? Grab this free SVG plus 15 more cut files to use for your own Easter basket.
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If you want your Cricut Easter projects to be nice and easy, this is an easy Easter craft to try.

Papercut Easter Basket
Use your Cricut to make this paper Easter basket, perfect for holding treats and chocolate eggs.
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A great way to make a gift personal to show that you put lots of thought into it is by personalizing it! These personalized Easter baskets may become your most popular projects!

Personalized Easter Bag
Add some personality to your Easter baskets with this personalized Cricut iron on bag.
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It doesn’t have to be a DIY Easter basket- a bag works too! Once we realize that we can do more than baskets, it is a great way to get creative juices flowing.

Hoppy Easter Bag
As an alternative to a traditional Easter basket, make a cute tote bag for Easter with this Hoppy iron-on design.
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Patterned vinyl is another easy way to bring fun ideas to the next level. This is definitely a great option for Easter crafting.

Personalized Easter Basket
Upgrade a plastic basket using fabric and glittery vinyl to create a personalized Easter basket.
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If you are looking for fun Easter crafts, this is definitely one of them! Having it personalized can be much more fun than premade Easter baskets. Not that there is anything wrong with those, but Easter basket ideas can add up cost-wise!

Personalized Easter Tote Bag
These tote bags are made with Cricut's infusible ink and are super easy to personalize. Plus they're the perfect size for an egg hunt.
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Use Easter SVG files to get the perfect basket. This would work for Easter shirts also.

Easter Monogram Basket
Customize your Easter basket with these Easter monogram SVG files!
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Looking for tote bags? Try a bunny purse instead!

Bunny Purse
Perfect for any fashionista, this bunny purse is a good Easter basket substitute. Follow this tutorial showing how to cut fabric with a Cricut Maker.
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Avoid the extra cost of a regular basket while also avoiding having to sew!

No-Sew Easter Basket
Grab the cut file for this Easter basket and you'll have your own basket in no time! No sewing required and you can personalize it with iron on vinyl.
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Who doesn’t love glitter?

Glittery Peeps Easter Tote
Swap out the Easter baskets with this adorable and glittery Peeps Easter tote bag.
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Create fun Easter decorations as well as a bag with this one below!

Easter Bunny Bag
Turn a plain drawstring bag into this adorable Easter bunny bag! It's large and versatile enough for any Easter activity.
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You don’t need the largest Easter basket to win!

Mini Easter Baskets
These mini Easter baskets are made from card stock that's been cut by the Cricut. They're the perfect size for Easter chocolates or egg filled candies.
Check out this project

And as a bonus, we also have the free mini felt basket pattern printable you can find here.

DIY Easter basket

Final Thoughts

Out of all the Cricut Easter basket ideas, which of these Cricut Easter projects ended up being your favourite? Make sure to show it off to us! Tag us on social media, either on Facebook or Instagram– we can’t wait to see it!

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