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40 Best Finds on Etsy to Keep you Warm and Cozy this Winter

Oooh baby, it’s cold outside. We’re in Canada where it’s cold for half the year, seriously. We’ve become experts at knowing ways to keep warm, comfortable and cozy.

Grab these comfort items to get you through the winter! Over 40 of the best natural finds on Etsy to bring a little hygge to your life.

In comes ETSY.

Have you checked out the assortment lately? I. can’t. stop. I can easily spend hours looking through the fascinating selection of products made by artisans around the world.

We thought it would be fun and helpful to you to create a list of some of our favorites. These HAND-CRAFTED items are made with either NATURAL and/or SUSTAINABLE materials and ingredients or with RECYCLED materials. We LOVE makers that care for the environment!

Furthermore, you can get a personalized and unique experience when shopping on Etsy which doesn’t come from any big-box store. As Etsy shop owners ourselves we often send our customers a little handwritten note and some unexpected freebies in the package.

So get ready to SHOP. It’s easy.

No need to leave the comfort of your warm surroundings. In fact, I’m still in my PJ’s! Check out this list for items that will keep you feeling warm, comfortable and cozy or as the Danish would say, hygge. Or will at least make the long, cold winter more enjoyable! Does it get any better than this?

“*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Should you choose to purchase items through these links we will make a small commission – at no expense to you. You can read our full disclosure here!”

Items to Make your Home Warm and Cozy:

1. Wrap me up in this pure merino wool blankie please.

2. You may just catch me curled up on this. Baaa Baaa (hint). Very lush.

3. Yes, please, LET’S CUDDLE with this cozy throw pillow.

4. Just close your eyes, take in a deep breath of this all-natural candle.

5. Am totally obsessed with this hand-woven pure wool rug. Can seriously picture it in my family room already!

6. Can’t forget about the little ones. How adorable is this hand-made fox quilt?

7. Add a little light to your day with these modern bamboo chandeliers. The days will get longer soon, right?

8. Keep all those warm and cozy blankets neat and tidy with a trendy, rustic blanket ladder.

9. There’s nothing much cozier and comforting than a batch of warm, fresh-baked muffins. These gorgeous oven mitts will surely get you baking!

10. Help keep your teapot as hot and cozy as can be. It’s from England – they know their tea!

11. Make your guests feel welcome and cozy as soon as they step in the door and onto a natural fiber crocheted jute door mat.

All-Natural Products to Soothe the Dryest of Skin:

12. One of our favourite shops for rich and soothing skin care made with all-natural ingredients. We can’t decide which combination we love more (and I’m pretty sure we’ve tried most of them).

13. Canadian-made organic lip balm. I bought these and loooooove them! Seriously, my lips are always dry and these balms are ah-mazing.

14. Lavender. Bath. Bomb. We can smell the soothing scent already.

15. Do anyone else’s hands look like those of a 90-year crocodile in the winter? No? Just me? Well, I think I’m in need of some of this nourishing cuticle and hand oil.

16. Treat yo’ self to a little soak with soothing bath salts. You’re worth it.

17. Who says coffee is just for drinking? They’ve obviously never tried this.

18. On the go? Well, no worries. You can still care for you skin with this Organic Cocoa Lotion Stick (just sounds too cool not to try!) wherever you go.

19. Wear your heart in your hands (not on your sleeves) with adorable recycled wool hand warmers. Perfect gift giving idea too.

20. Dry scalp and hair?  Top of our list for worst of winter’s side effects. Try this luxurious hair conditioning bar as a solution.

21. Get that natural sun-kissed look without the sun. Brilliant!

Clothing to Keep You Warm (and Stylish Too!):

22. If you haven’t already tried a pair of hand knitted wool socks, it’s a must!  These are from Germany. They know cold! We can trust them too;)

23. My hands are begging for these (made from reclaimed wool sweaters).

24. LOVING the length of this cotton sweater. Covers the behind in case you need to sit on a cold surface (talking to you hockey mom!).

25. I think I would live in this.

26. It’s cashmere. Enough said. Well actually, wait, need to add that it’s perfect for BOTH men and women. And it’s less than $50.

27. Is there anything cozier than a crocheted snood? We’re surprised this isn’t a part of the Mounties’ uniform.

28. If you’d rather make something for yourself this winter, try this beautiful cable crochet shrug pattern.

29. Am I too old to start collecting cuddly stuffies?

30. Your toesies will love you for these.

31. Could this baby possibly be any cuter?  We love that this knitting pattern is available in all sizes including adult. You could make a matching set for the whole family! Your teenager will love you for it.

Comfort Food and Winter go Mit-in-Mit:

32. Almost looks too good to eat. Almost.

33. Stuck on ideas for gift giving? Look no further. This is perfect for tea lovers.

34. As if hot chocolate isn’t going to warm you up enough, how about a bit of spiced chile in there?

35. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make us happy, don’t you think?

36. Who couldn’t use a little extra motivation in the mornings? Let your cup of coffee inspire you.

37. Hopped up Coffee. What??? For coffee AND beer lovers.  How clever is this?

38. I’m dying to try this Raw Organic Vegan Chocolate. Free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar!  Loving the simple packaging.

39. SPICE up your life. Add some extra heat and flavor to your dishes.

40. Can picture myself wrapped in a cozy wool blanket on the couch, the fireplace going and sipping espresso, hot chocolate or tea from these beauties. Then the kids pile on…

41. Sweeten your day (and your tea) and support the bee farmers.

42. Soothe your throat with these all natural lozenges.

OK, so there’s 42 items. We just couldn’t seem to stop. Isn’t Etsy awesome? From the comfort of your home you can find unique and high-quality products from all over the world that you may never have even known existed.

We’re confident this list has everything you need to survive the coldest of winters! What are your favourite warm and cozy items?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.