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Friday Five: Inspiring Pressed Flower Crafts

Florals are extremely popular these days in everything from fashion to home decor. With flowers at their peak summer blooms this is the perfect time to get out there and collect some for pressing. Keep it simple and pick your favourite daisies and smoosh them between pieces of parchment paper in a heavy book. Let them dry for a couple of weeks and then you’ll have them ready to use. Or, you can buy a microwave press for immediate drying power!

Gone are the days that pressed flowers=granny! Here are five fresh and fun projects we love to provide you with some inspiration!

Pressed Flower Gift Tags (and other stationary) 

Postfabriek Postfabriek

Embellishing stationary and gift tags with your pressed flowers is a unique way to personalize those love letters! Although this post by Postfabriek is in German, the pictures are fantastic and give the basic gist.

Pressed Flower Clay Ornaments

Our Little Coop

Our Little Coop

We love this idea from Our Little Coop to bake the pressed flowers in a baking soda clay cutout to make beautiful and unique ornaments. The ornaments can be added to any gift for a personal touch or hung with matching ribbon to create a stunning home decor.

Pressed Hydrangea Gift Cards

Carolyn's Homework

Carolyn’s Homework

These precious note cards by Carolyns Homework are so sweet and the instructions are so simple that we wish we had thought of it ourselves! We plan to make a batch of these cards now to use throughout the year  for friend’s gifts, teacher thank-you cards, and thinking-of-you note cards.

Pressed Roses Framed Art

A Girl with a Glue Gun

A Girl with a Glue Gun

Displaying pressed flowers onto a piece of framed artwork by A Girl and A Glue Gun is a really creative way to save flowers and preserve a loving memory.

Pressed Flower Tray

Say Yes Say Yes

This pressed flower tray by Say Yes is absolutely stunning. The step by step DIY tutorial is fantastic.  The finished tray not only looks like a valuable piece of art, but it’s actually functional. Is there anything better than style and function?

So as you make your way through this summer, remember to stop and smell the roses or at the very least, slow down to pluck a few for pressing!

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