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DIY Nose Wire for Face Masks

With the wearing of face masks and coverings continuing to become mandatory, we’re sharing this sewing tutorial for a DIY face mask with nose wire.

Making Face Masks with Nose Wires

As I continue to sew more reusable face masks, I’ve started to add an insert along the top edge of the mask for a nose wire. Helping to keep the mask in place, the nose wire makes for a more comfortable fit while also achieving a closer fit to the face for more protection.

We previously shared several free printable patterns for DIY face masks for kids and adults with step by step instructions. Refer to these posts for any of the printable patterns you need:

Adding a nose wire, requires a few extra steps. See below for the sewing instructions to add a nose wire for both mask styles (pleated face mask and fitted face mask with filter pocket).

Nose Wire Options

There are nose wire options you can find online or even use wire you have around the house such as, floral wire or pipe cleaners. If using floral wire or a pipe cleaner, fold the sharp ends of the wire over making a small loop to prevent sharp edges.

Adding a Nose Wire to a Pleated Face Mask

The simplest way to add a nose wire to a finished pleated face mask is to attach a piece of fabric along the top edge for the nose wire to insert into. Using a binding tape with folded edges is the quickest way to do so. Alternatively, you can cut a strip of fabric and make you own binding tape.

Cut a piece of single fold binding tape measuring 4” long. You can also use double fold binding tape, basically anything that will create a narrow channel for the wire to insert through.

Center the cut piece along the top edge of the mask on the lining side.

Stitch the taping to the mask, running a single needle edgestitch along the edge and then pivot and turn back to stitch th other side of the taping down.

On the lining side, the binding tape will be visible while on the outer mask side, only stitch lines will be visible.

Adding a Nose Wire to a Fitted Face Mask with Filter Pocket

For a fitted face mask that has a filter pocket like this pattern, you can add an extra topstitch along the upper edge for the wire to insert into.

With a 1/4″ topstitch, sew a single stitch along the top edge about 4″ long in the center. Reinforce the start and end stitches.

Using the Nose Wire

Before wearing, insert a piece of nose wire (or other wire, such as pipe cleaner or floral wire) into the channel.

Fold the sharp ends of the wire over making a small loop to prevent sharp edges.

Note: Be sure to remove the wire before washing the reusable washable face masks.

We hope you’ve found this tutorial for adding a nose wire to your face masks helpful. For additional ideas you might like, check out our DIY mask pouch tutorial and how to make masks for kids a little more fun to wear!

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Joan Lemmon

Thursday 9th of December 2021

I use cut up pieces of the edge of tea light bases for nose supports which are very pliable. Ive been using a mask made this way with 4 layers of silk for the last 2 years for allergies when weaving & it seems to work very well.

Jane and Sonja

Thursday 9th of December 2021

That's a great tip Joan! I'm sure the silk is really nice and soft. Thank you for sharing! -Jane


Monday 30th of November 2020

Thanks for the awesome information regarding it all. Keep up the great work!!!????????☺️????

Kathie Damm

Saturday 28th of November 2020

Do you use the outer mask pieces for a mask WITHOUT a filter pocket? How you make the mask for a wire nose piece without the filter pocket? I'm using interfacing for my third layer of material.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.