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5 Tips for Fool-Proof Enjoy the Wood 3D World Map Installation

So you’ve decided to treat yourself with a gorgeous 3D Wood World Map from Enjoy the Wood. Or someone who REALLY loves you has given you one as a gift. First of all, congratulations! We have no hesitation in saying you’ll LOOOOVE it for many years to come. And now having put up two maps ourselves, we’re happy to share our top tips for fool proof Enjoy the Wood world map installation!

New Home, New Map!

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It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since Jane and I installed my first Enjoy the Wood World map in my home. It was undoubtedly the perfect piece of art for my large living room wall. So much so, that when we recently placed our home for sale, the new buyers asked if we could leave it behind! 

But unfortunately for them, my sister Jane had already claimed the beautiful 3D world map for herself. So with an afternoon to spare, we began the process of removing the map from my wall so that she could take it to her home. And yes…the blow dryers are a must-have tool for the removal process!

I was more than excited to receive a new 3D world map for my new tudor-style home in the country. I chose the oak finish this time which coordinates wonderfully with all the wood finishes in the home.

It’s the same large size as the previous map which spans across 59” wide and 35” high.

With another afternoon to spare and some much needed family time, Jane and I installed the new map in the front entranceway of my new home.

The map is the very first thing I see when I walk through and out the door each day. It’s also perfectly visible from my living room couch and even the kitchen. I didn’t think I could love this map any more than my previous one, but I was wrong!

Having now installed two of these beautiful maps, and removing one, we’ve definitely picked up some tips and tricks along the way for both installing and removing the Enjoy the Wood world map. We hope you find these helpful as you’re planning to put up your own map.

Tips for Installing your Enjoy the Wood 3D World Map

A relatively simple process, the box comes with a one-page instruction sheet describing the steps for installation. And from our experience, here are five important tips to consider when installing the 3D world map with ease.

Give yourself enough time

The installation will take about two hours from start to finish, so make a coffee, call a friend (or sister) and have fun with it!

Use the placement templates provided

Be sure to use the corner templates when starting the process to avoid incorrectly placing the map. Measure from the ceiling to ensure that your map will be level.

Handling the Double Sided Tape

Consider taking the backing off of the double sided tape in longer sections rather than piece by piece. The first time we put the map up, we cut out and applied all the pieces of tape with the backing on, which then took forever to peel off each individual piece. So this time instead, we peeled off the backing in one long strip and then cut off little pieces from the roll as we went. 

Use the Double Sided Tape Sparingly

Use smaller pieces of tape than indicated on the instruction sheet. Although it won’t make a difference in putting it up, it’ll make a world of difference if you ever need to take your map down and relocate it. If you’re interested in knowing more about how to remove an Enjoy the Wood 3D world map from your wall, check out our video here. 

Use a Map App

Unless you’re a geography genius, have your laptop or phone with a world map app on hand to help with the placement of some of the smaller islands. It’s quite likely you’ll learn something along the way.

So not only is it a gorgeous piece of art, it’s educational as well! In fact, my daughter keeps pointing out places on the map that surprises her, such as Hawaii, which she imagined was near the Caribbean instead of in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the look of the new map in my new house. Moving two hours away has in many ways been challenging but installing the map instantly made the space feel more like home, cozier and familiar.

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Emily Feely

Thursday 15th of June 2023

Any chance you have the placement template? We removed from our wall for painting but can’t replace without the template!

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