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Gorgeous Wood Wall Art from Enjoy the Wood

Using natural elements for home decor, this handcrafted 3D world map from Enjoy the Wood is the perfect wood wall art for any space. It’s sure to revive memories of travels abroad and inspire new globe-trotting plans.

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looking at the country flag push pins to add to the 3D world map wood wall art

Handcrafted 3D World Maps Make Gorgeous Wood Wall Art

Like many people, our family plans this past summer went right out the window. With a dream vacation planned to Ireland; our stay booked and itinerary all plotted out, we had put all those plans on hold.

It just so happened that around the time we were supposed to be on vacation, we discovered Enjoy the Wood and their beautiful, signature 3-dimensional world maps.

Since we aren’t able to travel the world, why not bring the world to us? Seeing the images of their 3D world maps, I couldn’t wait to receive mine!

In all honesty, the map exceeded my expectations, the amount of detail and intricacy was almost surprising. The smallest of islands (like Corsica and the Bahamas) were cut out and even labelled with the country name. The capitals for most of the countries are also labelled, so not only is the wood wall art beautiful to look at but an educational piece too!

close up image of a 3D world map from Enjoy the Wood

Founded in 2015 by a Ukranian family, Enjoy the Wood handcrafts beautiful accessories from wood and ships them to customers all around the world with free delivery. The maps are completely handmade from high-quality birch plywood and are offered in a bunch of different wood stain finishes as well as colored options. They come in 4 different sizes as well to suit your living space. And if that wasn’t enough, they also offer customization options so if you want any changes at all, you simply contact the team directly.

Additionally, their 3D multilayered world maps are legally patented and come with a lifetime warranty. It’s pretty clear this family run business stands behind their product.

assembled Enjoy the Wood 3D world map wood wall art

Installing the 3D World Map

With my sister’s help, we unpacked and installed this unique wood wall art in my living room. The whole process took a couple of hours…it is a bit of a puzzle after all!

But with the simple 3-step instructions and a couple of coffees on hand, we really enjoyed ourselves. In fact, we even learned a few things about geography…like, I now know where the Galapagos Islands are located!

We started by laying out all the pieces and attaching strips of double sided tape to the back using the guide provided.

Next, we wiped down and measured the wall and placed the starting templates.

Once the prep-work is done, we placed the pieces on the wall. It was so satisfyling seeing the pieces click together and the world map come alive!

And that was pretty much it. As mentioned above, there are a lot of little pieces, so the installation took a couple of hours in total. But it was a simple and enjoyable installation.

We’ve also created a video on our YouTube channel, showing us unboxing and installing the Enjoy the Wood 3D World Map on my living room wall.

YouTube video

Marking your Travels

Once the map is on the wall, the fun continues with the push pins for marking your travels. There are both metal airplane and world flag options (we chose the latter).

My husband and daughter enjoyed finding the flags of the countries, states and provinces we’d been to and tacking them on to the map.

Using the country push pins to mark your travels on Enjoy the Wood's 3D world map wood wall art

Consider this 3D World Map or any of the intricate wood products handmade by Enjoy the Wood as a gift idea. They even arrive in a gorgeous box, making them a perfect and thoughtful gift for the holidays or wedding/anniversary gift for a travel-loving couple.

Every time I walk by my living room, I glance at the map and smile. It is such a unique piece of art that will forever remind me of the places around the world we’ve been lucky enough to visit and places we hope to one day explore. I’m even more excited to visit Ireland soon, and in the meantime, have may gorgeous wood wall art to ogle!

wood cut out of Ireland and a plane from Enjoy the Wood's 3D world map product

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Woman installing the 3D world map on a white wall.

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Elia Garrison

Tuesday 29th of September 2020

This is absolutely gorgeous! My husband and I are multicultural and I definitley want a piece like this for our home so that our kids can see where they came from and where we have been. I love this product thank you!

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