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Festive Seashell Crafts for Christmas

Although the holiday season is not yet upon us, we couldn’t wait to see all the ways to use seashells in Christmas crafting. While the traditional Christmas decor may involve snowflakes, holly, and reindeer, why not switch things up this year by incorporating seashells into your holiday crafts?

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That’s right, seashells! They may be synonymous with summer and the beach, but these versatile treasures are perfect for adding a unique touch to your Christmas decorations. Not only do seashell crafts bring a touch of coastal charm to your home during the winter months, but they also make great gifts for loved ones.

Why Craft with Seashells for Christmas?

You may be wondering, why use seashells for Christmas crafts when there are so many other materials readily available? Well, besides the fact that they add a unique twist to traditional holiday decor, seashells are also a sustainable and eco-friendly option.

Instead of buying new materials, why not repurpose something that has already been washed up on shore? Seashell crafts also allow you to bring a touch of nature into your home, reminding us of the beauty found in our oceans. And if you live far from the coast, using seashells in your Christmas crafts can bring a bit of the beach to you.

Reasons To Love Seashell Crafts For Christmas

Not only are seashell crafts sustainable and add a unique touch to your holiday decorations, but they are also incredibly versatile. There is no limit to what you can create with seashells – from ornaments and wreaths to candle holders and centerpieces. And the best part? You can customize them to fit your personal style.

Join our crafting community to find more nature-inspired DIYs and upcycled craft ideas. It feels good to repurpose, upcycle and create with nature!

Christmas Tree Tabletop Decor Using Seashells

Create some unique table top decor with these gorgeous seashell Christmas tree crafts!

Tabletop Seashell Christmas Tree
This DIY seashell Christmas tree is perfect for the holidays, but you can keep it up year-round too!
Check out this project
Tabletop Seashell Christmas Tree
Oyster Shell Christmas tree
You’ll love this really simple and inexpensive oyster shell Christmas tree tutorial.
Check out this project
Seashell Christmas Tree
Use seashells of all shapes and sizes to make this 9" Christmas tree.
Check out this project

Beautiful Beachy Christmas Ornaments

How beautiful would these seashell ornaments look on your Christmas tree?

Glitter Seashell Ornaments
These seashell ornaments are simple to make with just glitter and Mod Podge.
Check out this project
Coastal Christmas Ornaments
Make a set of shimmering coastal Christmas ornaments with seashells and metallic paint.
Check out this project
Beach Ornaments
Keep your summer beach memories alive with this fun beach ornament featuring sand and seashells you've collected.
Check out this project
Beach Ornament
This easy beach ornament keepsake is the perfect way to remember your vacation at Christmas time!
Check out this project
Beach Gnomes Ornaments
Follow this step-by-tutorial to make your own pair of beach gnome ornaments.
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Sparkling Seashell Christmas Ornaments
Decoupage some decorative tissue paper and glitter to make these sparkling seashell Christmas ornaments.
Check out this project
Seashell Angel Ornament
Make an angel ornament for your Christmas tree with seashells, ribbon and some wood beads.
Check out this project

DIY Wreaths and Wall Decor

Create a stunning piece of wall art using seashells for Christmas!

Coastal Seashell Wreath
Enjoy a little bit of the summer at Christmas with a beautiful coastal seashell wreath.
Check out this project
beautiful coastal seashell wreath
Coastal Christmas wreath
Make a teal coastal Christmas wreath with an upcycled scarf and seashells.
Check out this project

Whether you prefer a more natural look or enjoy adding a pop of color, seashells are the perfect medium for creating beautiful and personalized Christmas decorations. Plus, crafting with seashells is a fun activity for both adults and children alike. So gather your family and friends and get ready to make some festive creations!

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