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Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Few things say I love you more on Father’s Day than a thoughtful handmade gift from your little one. So we’re sharing this round up of 20+ amazing Father’s Day crafts for kids to make just in time for the special day.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Ever since my daughter was little, I’ve helped her make fun crafts for her dad to give on Father’s Day. With just a little bit of inspiration, she jumps right in to the craft and begins creating with so much excitement, always eager to give her gift as soon as it’s done!

We hope you’re little ones will find this list of fun and creative crafts for Father’s Day inspiring. All posts are full of step by step tutorials and some even have downloadable printables to get them started!

Creative Card Making Ideas

Fingerprint Card
Use your child’s fingerprints and picture to make this adorable handmade card.
Check out this project
Father’s Day Fish Card
Use paint and your hands to make this sweet Father’s Day fish card.
Check out this project
Best Dad I Ever Saw
This template is a fun and super easy card to make with your kids.
Check out this project
DAD Card
Experiment with washi tape and choose any style or color to make this colorful DAD card.
Check out this project

3D Father’s Day Card
This fishing card really stands out!
Check out this project
Footprint Card
This footprint craft is perfect for kids of all ages. You can paint your babies feet or make more of a mess with your older kids.
Check out this project
Lion Card
Your kids can practice their scissor cutting skills with this adorable lion card.
Check out this project

Fun DIY Picture Display

Colorful Popsicle Stick Picture Frame
Upcycle popsicle sticks into colorful picture frames for displaying your favourite memories for Dad.
Check out this project

Rock’n Gifts

Rock Paper Weight
Get creative and decorate a rock that Dad can use as a paper weight.
Check out this project

Upcycled Gift Making

Upcycled Gift For Dad
Upcycle jars or cans to make this personalized container that you can use to hold special messages for Dad.
Check out this project
Toilet Paper Roll Treat Holder
Dress up a toilet paper roll to hold treats or goodies for Dad.
Check out this project
Super Hero Spinner
Every child thinks their Dad is a superhero! This is a fun way for kids to show Dad how special he is.
Check out this project

Paper Crafts with Printables

Black Glue Ties
This necktie craft stands out. Make any design or pattern using watercolors and black glue.
Check out this project
All About Dad Printable
Get your kids to fill out these personalized questionnaires about Dad or Grandpa.
Check out this project
Finger Paint Art
This is a fun craft for any age. Get the template and let your kids get creative by using their fingers to paint.
Check out this project

Father’s Day Gift Wrap
Wrap your small present or treat with these sweet super hero gift wraps.
Check out this project
Explosion Box
This explosion box gift is perfect for any Star Wars fan.
Check out this project

Kitchen Crafts

Thumbprint Keychain
This sweet gift for Dad is one that he can carry with him everyday.
Check out this project
Salt Dough Paperweight
Collect stones and use them to decorate this salt dough paperweight.
Check out this project
Father’s Day Cookies
Make homemade cookies or buy some from the store and let your kids decorate them for Dad.
Check out this project
Fingerprint Mug
Make this sweet keepsake for Dad with just a few materials and your fingerprints.
Check out this project

Enjoy making Father’s Day crafts with your little ones and let us know in the comments, which one of these craft ideas would your child like to make?

More Creative Handmade Gifts for Dad:

Since crafting isn’t just for kids, here are a few good gifts for dad that you can make as well:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.