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30+ Creative Crafts with Clothespins

Clothespins, also known as clothes pegs or laundry clips, come in handy around the house when it comes to hanging up wet laundry. But did you know clothespins can also be used for various creative and fun craft projects?

Yes, those simple wooden pins can be transformed into beautiful decorative pieces and useful household items with just a little bit of imagination and some crafting materials.

In this post, we’ll explore the world of clothespin craft projects and discover how you can upcycle your old wooden pins into something new and unique. So grab your crafting supplies and let’s get started!

Why Clothespins?

At first glance, clothespins may seem like an unlikely choice for crafting. They are simple and utilitarian, not exactly the most glamorous of materials. However, their plain and unassuming nature is what makes them the perfect canvas for creativity.

Moreover, clothespins are easily available and inexpensive, making them a budget-friendly option for crafters. And with so many different sizes and styles available in the market – from traditional wooden pins to colorful plastic ones – the possibilities for crafting are endless!

Upcycling with Clothespins

In today’s world where we are constantly encouraged to reduce, reuse, and recycle, upcycling old materials into something new and useful has become a popular trend. And clothespins are no exception.

Instead of throwing away your old wooden pins, you can give them a new life by incorporating them into your crafting projects. This not only helps reduce waste but also adds a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to your creations.

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30+ Crafts with Clothespins

Pinecone Clothespin Craft
Sharing this simple clothespin craft idea using natural wood clothespins and some pretty painted pinecone flowers.
Check out this project
Decorative Clothespins
Display your photos and greeting cards with these pretty and simple decorative clothespins.
Check out this project
Unique Mobile
Create a unique art project for your home by making a mobile hanger using metal wire hangers and clothespins.
Check out this project
Rustic 3D Clothespin Star
Glue clothespins together and paint, if desired, for a rustic star craft.
Check out this project
Clothespin Butterfly
Spend 30 minutes crafting with your kids to make these bright clothespin butterflies.
Check out this project
Clothespin Hand Print Surprise Box
Send someone special a fun gift which includes a surprise clothespin hand.
Check out this project
Clothespin Air Fresheners
Make your own long lasting scented clothespins. They’re the perfect way to freshen up closets or drawers.
Check out this project

Kid’s Crafts with Clothespins

Clothespin Mermaids
Use clothespins, sparkles and paper to make these adorable mermaids.
Check out this project
Clothespin Puppets
Create a variety of silly puppets using clothespins.
Check out this project
Clothespin Worry Dolls
These miniature worry dolls help kids keep their worries away!
Check out this project
Red Bird Craft With Clothespins & Feathers
Make an entire nest of birds with clothespins and feathers.
Check out this project
Painted Picture Frame
A simple craft the kids could do, upcycling popsicle sticks and clothespin to make a picture frame.
Check out this project
Pom Pom Fairies
Turn these pom pom fairies into ornaments or playful dolls.
Check out this project
Clothespin Sharks
Get ready for some summer fun with these clothespin sharks.
Check out this project
Clip-On Clothespin Cicada
Celebrate and learn about the cicada season with this realistic clip-on clothespin cicada.
Check out this project
Adorable Sloth Craft
Download a free template to help make these sleepy sloths.
Check out this project
Colorful Clothespin Birds
Paint clothespins in wonderful colors to make colorful birds.
Check out this project
Clothespin Role Model Dolls
Decorate a clothespin to represent an important role model.
Check out this project

Holiday Crafts

Clothespin Angel (with Free Template)
Create your own beautiful and thoughtful clothespin angel craft easily using a free template as a guide.
Check out this project
Clothespin Angel craft picture
Clothespin Nativity Scene
Make a rustic nativity scene with clothespins, fabric and other craft scraps.
Check out this project
Clothespin Snowflake
Trim the tree with these big clothespin snowflake ornaments.
Check out this project
Clothespin Snowmen
These festive clothespin snowmen are great for Christmas decorating or for holding gift tags.
Check out this project
Clothespin Carrots
Create the cutest clothespin carrots just in time for spring decorating.
Check out this project
Clothespin Bunny
These clothespin bunnies are decorated with gem noses and little bow ties.
Check out this project
Halloween Clothespin Crafts
Have fun making these clothespin crafts for Halloween by following an simple step by step tutorial.
Check out this project

Clothespin Wreaths

Simple Clothespin Wreath
This simple Scandinavian inspired wreath is made with half painted clothespins.
Check out this project
Colorful Clothespin Wreath
With bright colors and flowers this clothespin wreath is perfect for the summer time.
Check out this project
Upcycled Clothespin Wreath
This upcycled wreath is made with a wreath form, mirror and clothespins.
Check out this project
Sunflower Clothespin Wreath
Make this beautiful sunflower wreath in no time!
Check out this project
Coastal Clothespin Wreath
Bring a bit of the beach home with this coastal clothespin wreath.
Check out this project

There you have it! Which one of these crafts will you be making first?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.