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Two Crafting Moms and their Eureka Groove Robotic Vacuum Cleaner NER300

As two full time crafting moms, we got the opportunity to test out how the Eureka Groove Robotic Vacuum Cleaner NER300 holds up to our day to day messes.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Eureka. All opinions are our own. This post may also contain affiliate links for your shopping convenience. You find our full disclosure here.

First Impressions

My sister, Jane and I have made a home business doing what we love….CRAFTING. But both working and living out of our houses is not without its own set of challenges. One of those challenges being the constant managing of the mess from our ongoing craft projects and our lovely, yet not-so-tidy children (there are 5 kids between the two of us).

When Eureka reached out to us to try the Eureka Groove Robotic Vacuum Cleaner NER300, we could not wait to get our hands on it. Could owning this robotic vacuum cleaner mean we could finally craft like children and not worry about the mess?  Would it save us time?

So needless to say, we couldn’t wait to unbox the vacuum and put it to work in our homes. I can’t forget to mention that the remote control actually came with batteries, such a nice touch! 

The vacuum has 3 different easy to manage modes (spot cleaning, edge cleaning and auto). You can also increase the degree of suction with just a few clicks of the remote. And luckily for us, the easy APP set up means I was able to quickly begin scheduling clean up times throughout the day and night just by using my smartphone. 

With its built-in sensors, the vacuum avoids bumping into furniture or tumbling down the stairs. And with it’s sleek low profile, it managed to fit under my accent chair with ease. Bye-bye dust bunnies!!

We decided to test out how the vacuum would hold up against our most commonly used craft and kids supplies. Things like threads, pine cone matter, food crumbs, sequins, beads and of course glitter, were “scientifically” placed across 3 different floor types: rug, hardwood and ceramic tile. 

We may have gotten a little carried away with the mess and our expectation but nevertheless, it was a fun experiment!

The Experiment

To see the Eureka Groove Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in action, check out our YouTube video review. Otherwise, read on below for the results of our messy experiment!

The vacuum boasts having a BLDC Motor with huge suction power of 2000PA, while other comparable brands’ items only have 1300PA. This all sounds great but how well does it pick up our messes?

  • Thread Ends and Clippings – I’m happy to say the vacuum will come in handy in my sewing room. It had no trouble at all picking up the loose thread in its path.
  • Granola and Crumbs – With kids all about the house, crumbs are the biggest mess-makers in our home. So seeing the vacuum pick up the mess of granola and other crumbs was a huge W-I-N in our opinion. 
  • Sequins and Beads – The vacuum actually did a pretty good job in picking up the loose beads and sequins on the floor. Only a few passes were needed to pick up most of the mess.
  • Pine Cone Seeds and other Matter – Getting pine cones ready for crafting is pretty messy, the loose pieces and seeds fly about everywhere. The Eureka Groove Robotic Vacuum Cleaner NER300 did a great job picking up the pieces on the rug while it did an ok job on the harder surfaces.
  • Hamster Bedding – It’s surprising how messy a little hamster can be but fortunately, the vacuum had no troubles picking up the small hamster bedding and shavings. 
  • Glitter – As for glitter…well it’s no surprise why crafting with glitter is such a nightmare. Anyone who’s actually done so knows how hard it is to clean up and even our central vacuums weren’t up to the challenge! 

The transparent lid over the brushroll helps to instantly see if there are any tangles or other debris caught in the roll. If so, it’s easy to remove the lid and clean out without turning the unit over and getting your hands dirty. 

It also has a toothlike design to reduce tangles while the brushroll is spinning. We found the vacuum was very effective at sucking up the loose threads and fabric ends we placed on the floor!

Next, we have to mention the Groove Gear feature, which means the vacuum can transition from one flooring surface to another. This definitely passed our area rug, hardwood and ceramic tile flooring test. And speaking of hardwood, the vacuum’s anti-scratch brushroll makes the clean up worry free.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to maintain the cleanliness of your space from day to day before they turn into mega-messes, the Eureka Groove Robotic Vacuum Cleaner NER300 will meet your needs. Although we can’t exactly “craft like children”, we love that while we’re working on our business, the vacuum can work for us maintaining the space, leaving us with more time to create and more time to spend with our families.

Have you ever owned a robotic vacuum cleaner? What has your experience been?

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