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DIY Felt 3D Christmas Tree Decor

Using felt sheets in beautiful, cool shades of blues and greens, we made a simple 3D Christmas tree shape pattern for assembling adorable holiday decor.  

DIY felt 3D Christmas tree decor placed on decorative tray.

Pretty 3D Craft Christmas Tree

In my opinion, Christmas crafting is the best sort of crafting. Something about making crafts during the holiday season brings about a lot of joy. Anything from super easy mini pom-pom garland to glittering jar candy jars is all that much more fun to make for Christmas. Not to mention baking things like these chocolate-drizzled sugar cookies; which taste all that much sweeter around the holidays!

Reasons Why You Will Love This Craft

Creating your own Christmas tree forest with a larger tree and a smaller tree offers a plethora of benefits that make this craft truly enjoyable. First, the ability to personalize allows you to customize with different colors, sizes, and decorations to perfectly match your holiday theme and personal style. Additionally, using inexpensive, everyday materials makes this craft budget-friendly, enabling you to create beautiful decorations without breaking the bank. 

This diy felt christmas tree craft also provides a great way to spend quality time with family and friends, use up some of your craft stash, and making cherished memories together. Moreover, crafting these new ornaments enhances your creativity, giving you room to experiment with different designs and techniques. The best part is that it can also be an eco-friendly activity, using recycled or natural materials to reduce waste and create environmentally friendly decorations without additional cost. Lastly, there is immense satisfaction in creating something beautiful with your own hands, adding a special touch to your holiday décor.

​What Can I Use From Around The House To Decorate My Trees

Decorating your felt christmas tree pattern with items you already have at home can be both fun and cost-effective. There are several creative ideas to consider for these cute trees. For instance, you can cut out stars, snowflakes, or baubles from colorful paper or cardboard and decorate them with paint, markers, glitter, or stickers. Leftover ribbons or yarn can be repurposed into garlands, bows, or dangling ornaments. 

A great idea is to use natural elements such as pinecones, acorns, and small twigs collected from your garden or local park. These can be spray-painted in festive colors or left in their natural state for a rustic look. Old buttons and beads can also be turned into unique ornaments by gluing them onto your tree or stringing them together to create garlands. Leftover fabric can be placed at the bottom of the tree as a tree skirt.

Finally, unused or broken pieces of jewelry like single earrings or broken necklaces can be a fun way to give new life as sparkling tree decorations. By using these household items, you can create beautifully decorated 3D Christmas trees that are personalized, eco-friendly, and budget-conscious.

We have this 3D tree pattern available for sale in our Etsy shop, along with loads of other fun svg files of felt craft patterns. So be sure to check out our other patterns as well for all year long felt crafting.

Materials Needed for Making 3D Trees:

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Materials needed to make a DIY felt 3D Christmas trees.

How to Make DIY Felt 3D Christmas Tree Decor:

Preparing the Materials:

Gather all the supplies needed to make these 3D felt trees from your local craft store or dollar store. Prepare the stump by drilling a hole in the center of the stump the same size as the wooden dowel.


The pattern is available as a printable PDF pattern to be cut out by hand with a pair of scissors. Additionally, we also include an SVG file for use with a cutting machine.

Cut 6 pieces for each cute felt Christmas tree, and cut as many as you like to make a little forest!

Cut out felt Christmas trees next to wooden dowels, small tree stump and hot glue gun.

Assembling the 3D Christmas Trees:

Working one piece at a time, apply glue to the outer edge and press another piece on top. Continue until all 6 shapes are secured, then insert the wood dowels and stump.

The full instructions with step by step photos are available in the printable PDF document.

DIY felt 3D Christmas tree decor placed on decorative tray.

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collage of DIY felt 3D Christmas tree decor placed on decorative tray and materials with text overlay.

DIY Felt 3D Christmas Tree Decor

Jane and Sonja
Make your own adorable felt 3D Christmas tree decor with this simple no-sew pattern.
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  • Christmas Tree PDF template
  • Felt sheets in Icicle, Rainstorm, Evergreen from BenzieDesigns or other coordinating colors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue gun and clear craft glue
  • Wooden dowel 8” long
  • Wood stump 1” diameter x 1.25” high


  • Drill a hole in the center of the stump the same size as the wooden dowel.
  • Cult felt out by hand or by using a Cricut machine.

Assembling the 3D Christmas Trees:

  • Along one side of a tree piece, apply a bead of glue along the outer edge.
  • Place another tree piece on top pressing the glued edges together. Lift and fold back the unglued side and apply another bead of glue along the outer edge.
  • Press another tree piece down on top to glue the edges together.
  • Repeat with the other tree pieces. Fold each tree piece outwards and glue the inner edge together with the inner edge of the tree piece next to it.
  • Continue until all 6 pieces are glued together.
  • Insert the dowel into the wooden stump.
  • Insert the top end of the dowel into the center opening and push it all the way up to the top.
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