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A Upcycled Winter Centerpiece Idea

Hi friends! Although most of us are pretty eager to look ahead to Spring, it’s a bit too soon to bring out the soft pastels and pretty florals. There is still plenty of time for warm and cozy decor and this Winter centerpiece idea will fit right in.

winter centerpiece idea

A Beautiful Upcycled Winter Centerpiece Idea

From the coffee tin top hat to the snow dusted pine cones and felt flowers, this centerpiece can be enjoyed all Winter long. And given this deep freeze we’re in, we can be sure that Winter is far from over. There is still plenty of time to embrace this colder weather with some Wintry craft making.

We created this snowman hat centerpiece idea last month for Crafts By Amanda and it was one of the few decorations I kept out after all the Christmas decor was put away. One of my favourite things about this project is that it’s not only for the holiday season but can be displayed until the warmer weather hits.

winter centerpiece idea

In some areas of the US and Canada, we are being encouraged to stay indoors until the temperature rises. What better excuse to get crafting! You can assemble this snowman hat centerpiece or start on a new knitted scarf pattern or try out a new needle felting kit. And if you just need to treat yourself, any one of these 40 warm and cozy finds on Etsy will do the trick.

Materials Needed:


Preparing the materials:

Using Americana Decor Satin Enamel, paint the outer surface of the tin can and base in classic black. Leave it to dry and then apply another coat of paint to achieve full coverage.

winter centerpiece idea

Using a fine tip acrylic paint brush, add some white acrylic paint to the tips of the pine cones to resemble a dusting of snow. Put all the pine cones aside to dry fully before using.

winter centerpiece ideaMeasure the circumference of the tin and cut the ribbon slightly longer than the circumference of the tin.

winter centerpiece idea
Trim the winter greens in to clusters measuring 3” high.

winter centerpiece idea
I made a mix of felt flowers for this top hat decor. Firstly, I followed this template to make felt poinsettia flowers in forest green, maroon and white. And then I made a mix of felt floral buds and other florals using a felt flower pattern on Cricut’s Design Space using the same felt colors.

winter centerpiece idea

Assemble the Decor:

Working quickly and carefully, apply a good amount of hot glue to the top edge of the painted coffee tin. Turn it upside down and stick it onto the center of the painted base. Hold firmly until the glue sets.

Wrap the wide ribbon around the base of the top hat and glue the ends in place.  Next, wrap the twine around the base of the top hat 3 times and tie the ends into a knot or glue in place.

Divide the hat in 3 sections and add your extra embellishments within these sections:

1. Apply the greenery with hot glue.

2. Apply the felt flower clusters with hot glue.winter centerpiece idea       3. Apply the pine cones with hot glue.

4. Add the bird and any other fun embellishments as desired.

For the full instructions and how-to video, head over to  the originally posted Snowman Hat Centerpiece at Crafts by Amanda. Once finished, place your new winter centerpiece on a table and enjoy for the rest of the season.

winter centerpiece idea

How have you been braving this cold weather?

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winter centerpiece idea


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Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Sunday 3rd of February 2019

I made a big snowman hat a few years ago, love how you upcycled it. I made a small one this year out of a coffee pod container.

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