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Personalizing Cotton Jumpsuits for Women with Cricut

Nothing says easy, breezy summer like casual cotton jumpsuits for women. We’ll show you how easy it is to give your clothing a personalized touch using Cricut, Iron On Vinyl and an EasyPress with this project idea.

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woman wearing jumpsuit standing near farm field

Make a Fashion Statement with Personalized Clothing

At the start of spring, I sewed myself this pair of overalls using a super soft and eco-friendly 100% organic cotton fabric in a soft grey. It seemed that cotton jumpsuits for women were the trend of the season and having a pair of my own, I can understand why. They’re cozy and casual, yet look stylish without much effort.

woman smiling with hands in her pockets

Knowing I can personalize my clothes easily using iron-on vinyl from Cricut, I wanted to give these overalls an extra special touch. Inspired by these delicate wildflowers along the road to my family cottage, I came up with this pretty boho-, or folk art-inspired floral design.  

The Cricut Joy was just the ticket we needed to add some extra detailing to this cottong jumpsuit. It’s the perfect machine to use for cutting smaller designs out of Iron-On Vinyl making crafting quick, convenient and easy.

woman wearing grey jumpsuit with hands in her pockets

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Materials Needed:

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How to Make Personalized Clothing with Cricut Smart Iron On:

Before getting started, be sure to prewash and dry the cotton jumpsuit and then iron out all wrinkles and creases. 

Preparing the Image:

Open Cricut Design Space and click on the “+” sign to start a new project, opening up a blank canvas.

Click on the Images button from the toolbar and search the floral images #M81001F8, #M81B3476, #M81054IB, #M81D479A, #M80FF730 and then click on the images to insert them on the canvas.

Consider the positioning of the embellishment on the jumpsuit. In my case, I wanted to add the floral design along the pocket openings so I measured the pocket opening to determine what size to make the design. I added a long rectangular shape to the canvas to use as my guide for my pocket opening (about 6” long x 2” wide) to place the flowers on top of.

Adjust the sizes of the flowers by highlighting each and clicking on the size box in the top toolbar or easier yet, click on the image where the two arrows appear and drag the mouse to make them smaller. I reduced mine just enough to fit within the rectangular shape. 

Play around with and change the colors of the florals to match the Smart Iron On colors.

Lastly, duplicate the design to cut two for both pocket openings and then flip one horizontally for the other pocket.

Cutting the Iron-On Vinyl:

Select “Make It” in the upper right corner to proceed with cutting and choose “Without Mat” and click the “Mirror” toggle button to on (this is necessary for ALL iron on vinyl cuts).

cricut joy placed on a table next to laptop

Following the instructions prompted on the screen, load the Smart Vinyl into the Cricut Joy and cut out the pieces. Continue until all the pieces are cut.

Preparing the Cut Image:

Cut around the images and using a weeding tool, peel away the excess vinyl leaving only the floral image.

Applying the Image with the Cricut EasyPress Mini:

Position the mat or a towel on a flat surface. Set the temperature and time on the machine following the chart for the type of vinyl and material being used or use this EasyPress Interactive Quick Reference Guide.

For a 100% Cotton jumpsuit and Smart Iron-On Vinyl, set the EasyPress Mini to medium heat.

Determine where you will be placing the images and preheat the pocket opening for 5 seconds. This will prep the fabric for the vinyl, removing all excess moisture as well as help to remove any creases and wrinkles from the fabric.

heating fabric with an easy press mini

Using the view of the assembled floral design in design space, begin placing the florals on to the jumpsuit with the shiny side up. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

TIP: Trim the plastic as close to the iron on vinyl flower edges as possible so the individual flowers don’t overlap with each other.

placing the cut out iron on deseign on to the fabric

You can also use heat resistant tape to hold the pieces in place as you press. I didn’t have the tape with me but if I had, I would’ve used it.  

Carefully, press the flower shapes for 25 seconds, constantly moving the EasyPress Mini as you press. 

pressing the design with easy press mini

Turn the jumpsuit upside down and apply heat for another 15 seconds on the reverse side.

pressing the underside of a fabric with a cricut easypress

While the vinyl is still warm, peel the plastic part of the vinyl off carefully and discard. 

peeling away the plastic cover

If any of the pieces are not adhered well, press them again but ALWAYS make sure the iron on vinyl is covered with the plastic protector. Never place a hot iron or press on the vinyl decal directly without covering.

Repeat the design on the other pocket opening and voila, the jumpsuit is perfectly personalized for me!

someone standing with hands in her pocket showing off a floral design

Sewing Pattern for a Women’s Cotton Jumpsuit

If you enjoy sewing as much as I do, head over to our Etsy shop to pick up your sewing pattern for making a pair of overalls.  It’s currently being offered in sizes 6, 8 and 10 and I plan to add additional sizes soon. While you’re there, be sure to visit our Sustain My Sewing Habit shop for other PDF sewing patterns as well. 

More DIYs using Cricut Iron On

There are plenty of ways to personalize all sorts of things with Cricut and Iron On Vinyl. Check out these creative crafts using an Cricut Easy Press machines.

What sorts of personalized clothing pieces would you like to make using Cricut? Be sure to grab your Cricut Joy or other Cricut cutting machine today to start personalizing your clothes!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.