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Creative Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath Craft Idea

We never knew how many dollar tree pumpkin wreath frame ideas there were out there BUT this dollar tree pumpkin frame takes the cake! (Or should we say pumpkin pie?)

Woman holding a pumpkin wreath decorated with flowers, moss and driftwood.

Our favorite Dollar Tree pumpkin frame idea!

Halloween decorations can be fun. Some are silly, some are scary, but most of them are a lot of fun in that October month. However, there are a few issues. First, what about the month of November? Pumpkins are a notoriously fall theme, but it’s no fun to have to put away a bunch of decorations after October solely for the month of November. It’s so much better when we can find pumpkin decorations that can be out and about for the majority of the autumn months.

A wire pumpkin wreath decorated with flowers, moss and driftwood.

This is why we love this Dollar Tree pumpkin frame idea. Not only can it be used for all of fall, but it also carries these beautiful neutral tones instead of the bright orange we are used to in October. This craft will have everyone asking where you bought it from. Wait until their jaws drop when you say it was created from mostly items from the Dollar Tree!

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Materials Needed

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How to Make a Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath Craft

I shared the tutorial for making this pumpkin wreath on a recent Facebook Live which you can catch here. All of the step by step instructions can be found in the video. If you have any questions at all, please send us a message!

Close up of wood flowers and moss.

I added a cute little saying on to a couple of flat pieces of driftwood with a black sharpie. It gives it a little something extra and unexpected but this frame can be made without or you can use large craft sticks for a similar look.

Close up of painted driftwood with sayings printed on.

More Wreaths to Make for Fall

We more DIY wreath ideas for the Fall then we have doors to hang them on! Check out these beautiful crafts to make and display during the Autumn months.

What do you think about this Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath craft idea? We would love to know your input. Let us know below what you love about it and how it works for your house. If you try creating it, tag us on Facebook or Instagram– we can’t wait to see it!

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Woman holding a wired pumpkin wreath decorated with flowers, moss and driftwood with text overlay.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.