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Blooming Petals Crochet and Knit Bracelet

I love creating accessory pieces using scrap fabrics or yarns that I have around the house.  It gives me such a satisfaction to know that I’ve put them to good use.  To make this easy and fresh accessory, you just need a little bit of leftover yarn and a touch of time.

I chose to make the cording in black and the crochet flower in a contrasting cream.  But you can choose any colour combination.

Crochet Flower:  Adapted from our DIY mulberry wreath post.

  • Yarn: DK weight Angora/merino wool blend
  • Needle: US 7/3.50mm (or try different sizes to achieve the desired effect with the yarn you choose)

1. Chain 19 (ensure that the starting chain has an odd number of chains).

2. Row 1: Hdc in second chain from hook. Hdc in every following chain to end. Turn.

3. Row 2: Single crochet in next chain space. Triple crochet five in next chain space. Repeat pattern across to end of row. Should end with a single crochet. Fasten off, leaving tail long enough for sewing (about 4 inches).

4. Curl the crocheted piece around itself to achieve your desired look- a tighter curl will give a smaller, denser flower, whereas a looser curl will give a larger, more airy flower. Fix flower in place by sewing together.


  • XF, 25g, 100% silk, Maharani
  • Size Pair of 2.25mm (US1) DPN size
  • Darning needle; regular sewing needle and sewing thread for finishing purposes

1. Prepare to cast on using long tail method. To create fastening loop at end of cord, fold 3” of the yarn end and then knot for the first cast on stitch at 1” from loop end.

2. Cast on 3 stitches

3. Knit 1 row. Do not turn the work.

4. Slide the stitches to the other end of the needle.

5. Knit a second row by bringing the yarn behind the work and starting with the first stitch. Tug the work from the bottom after first stitch to help it to take shape and to even out the tension.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until i-cord measures 19” or desired length.

7. Cast off. Darn the loose ends into the cord.

Attach the crochet flower to the cast off end of the i-cord. Use a regular sewing thread and needle to secure in place.  And the bracelet is done!

What uses have you found for scrap yarn?

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