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29 Wonderful Wooden Christmas Tree Crafts

It’s never too soon to start thinking about Christmas crafting and especially wooden Christmas tree crafts! There are so many creative options to inspire you to collect those wood pieces, anything from driftwood, wood scraps, twigs and more!

Collage of images as examples of wooden Christmas tree crafts including a pallet tree, driftwood ornaments, scrap wood trees and more.

Creative Christmas Tree Crafts Made from Wood

We’ve assembled 29 fun and festive project ideas in this Christmas tree-themed round up. These crafts will cover decor for your home, your outside porch or even to give as thoughtful gift giving idea.

We’ve divided the round up into different wood surfaces so you can easily scroll through to find projects you wish to make. There are several ideas using driftwood, beautiful rustic weathered wood from the beach and then plenty of crafts made with scrap wood material, anything from leftwood wood, moulding or plywood.

Join our crafting community to find more nature-inspired DIYs and upcycled craft ideas. It feels good to repurpose, upcycle and create with nature!

Driftwood Christmas Tree Crafts

Combining Christmas with coastal decor is right up my alley! Since collecting driftwood is a favorite past time, using the beach finds to make Christmas tree crafts is ideal. We even sell our driftwood tabletop trees in our Sustain My Craft Habit Etsy shop.

Driftwood Christmas Tree
Move over evergreen, this rustic DIY driftwood Christmas tree may just be the new centerpiece for the holidays.
Check out this project
Painted Driftwood Tribal Tree Ornament
Just put together a little paint and glue to make this simple driftwood Christmas tree ornament.
Check out this project
Driftwood Christmas Tree
You can make beachy driftwood trees to enjoy year-round or create glittery driftwood trees for Christmas.
Check out this project
Miniature Driftwood Tree
Bring a little coastal style to your Christmas decor with these simple miniature sized driftwood tree ornaments.
Check out this project

Christmas Tree Decor made from Scrap Wood and Pallets

Now many of us have some type of scrap wood lying around from home projects, curbside finds or thrift store purchases. I love the creativity with these decorative Christmas trees! Which one of these are your favorite?

Modern Wooden Christmas Tree
This wooden Christmas tree has that Scandinavian and modern vibe.
Check out this project
Vintage Style Christmast Trees
Make a Christmas tree centerpiece with inexpensive wood from the hardware store and decoupage.
Check out this project
String Art Trees
These string art trees on wood are a simple, minimalist piece of decor that anyone can make.
Check out this project
Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree
Use scrap 2 x 4s to make this small wooden Christmas tree, farmhouse style!
Check out this project
Wooden Christmas Tree With Knobs
Make a wooden Christmas tree using upcycled scrap wood such as moldings and pallets combined with old knobs and hooks.
Check out this project
Pallet Christmas Trees for Outdoors
You can make one or both of these beautiful rustic pallet wood Christmas trees using pallet wood and free downloadable patterns.
Check out this project
Recycled Wood Trees
Make these wooden Christmas trees out of leftover scrap pieces of a door frame.
Check out this project
Moulding Christmas Tree
Follow this easy tutorial by Girl in the Garage for making a moulding Christmas tree with decorative trim.
Check out this project
Christmas Tree Shaped Shelf
Make a Christmas village display with a Christmas tree shaped shelf made from scrap wood.
Check out this project
Mud Cloth Wood Christmas Trees
Casa Watkins Living shares an easy DIY mud cloth wood Christmas tree tutorial for a quick holiday decor!
Check out this project
Wooden Christmas Tree for the Yard
Brighten up your yard for the holidays with this wooden Christmas tree yard decoration.
Check out this project
Burned Wood Christmas trees
Follow this easy tutorial using a heat gun and scrap wood to make these cute wooden Christmas trees.
Check out this project
Plywood Christmas Tree
Try this tutorial for a space saving Christmas tree idea: a plywood tree.
Check out this project

Wood Slices and More

Did you know that wood slices, no matter the shape or size can be transformed into a Christmas tree? Just look at these couple of craft ideas.

Wood Slice Trees
You can make these easy yet charming rustic feeling wood slice trees for your Christmas mantle or as a centerpiece on a table!
Check out this project
Wood Slice Christmas Tree
Make a wood slice Christmas tree with retro geometric string art ornaments.
Check out this project

Twigs, Sticks and Branches, oh my!

Foraging for sticks, branches or twigs will be well worth the effort when you consider these beautiful creations!

Coastal Branch Tree
Twigs and branches are a fabulous material for making Christmas trees.
Check out this project
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Add some nostalgia to your home this holiday with this classic DIY Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
Check out this project
Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Tree
With just 5 supplies you'll quickly make a buffalo plaid ribbon tree ornament that you'll be proud to display.
Check out this project

Wooden Craft Sticks and Other Wooded Christmas Tree Crafts

And lastly, we have this collection of craft ideas using a mix of materials from paint sticks, jumbo popsicle sticks, wooden dowels, old meter sticks and more! The sky is the limit when it comes to making wooden Christmas tree crafts!

Shimmering Glitter Christmas Trees
Grab some glue and start dusting these wood trees with gorgeous shimmering glitter.
Check out this project
Craft Stick Christmas Tree
This craft stick Christmas tree ornament is a fun activity for kids, and you only need 4 supplies.
Check out this project
Christmas Tree Wreath
Something special for the front door this Christmas, switch out a basic round wreath for a Christmas tree wreath.
Check out this project
Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Craft
Use scrap wood and wooden dowels to display old cookie cutters into a fun Christmas decoration.
Check out this project
Wooden triangle Christmas tree
Spruce up your indoor or outdoor lighting with a wooden triangle Christmas tree.
Check out this project
Yardstick Christmas Tree
Repurpose an old yard stick into a Christmas tree.
Check out this project
Christmas Tree Craft with Paint Sticks
Using paint stir sticks you can make this adorable Christmas tree.
Check out this project
More Christmas Crafting

There can never be too much holiday decorating, which is why we have a whole category just for Christmas crafting! Here are just a few projects to check out.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit us here on the blog! Want to receive a ton of inspiration and money saving ideas for decorating, gift-giving and crafting? Join HERE! Happy crafting, friends!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.