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Easy Office Air Plant Display

Bringing natural elements likes stones, branches and twigs into your home is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate. I used some treasures collected on the beach to create an earthy and easy air plant display for my home office.

Stacked beach stones and a piece of driftwood as display ideas for air plants on a stack of colorful books in a home office

A while back we came upon a fun little article revealing some of the deep, dark secrets of us bloggers. In addition to the facts that you don’t want to look into our closets and that we could rule the world, it is true that we work everywhere and anywhere!  You’ll find us crocheting in the park, knitting at the kids’ dance studio, cutting and pasting on the living room floor with the baby crawling around, and drilling and hammering outside on the picnic table. And there’s usually at least one little helper around…

A small child touching a computer screen with an image of a flower

As I sit here typing, I’m at the dining room table which is also covered in soccer trophies and photos, magazines, another laptop, the stack of mail I need to get to, various craft supplies and other items I’m not quite sure what to do with. Needless to say, it’s been awhile since we’ve actually dined at this table! I also have a small desk in the corner where I try to organize our documents.

A Simple DIY Air Plant Display

While our dream home office might look something like the one in this home, it is actually the little things that make a space extra special and without those special touches, a space just doesn’t feel right. A little while ago we discovered air plants. These are such interesting little plants that don’t need soil to grow. So you can place them anywhere you’d like! We’ve used them to make a beach themed mini garden terrarium and I’ve placed one in my tween daughter’s bedroom.

These cuties are quite happy, and I picked up a couple more recently. Moveover, this summer I gathered a small collection of flat rocks and driftwood from the beach which screamed air plant display!

A stack of flat beach stones and an interesting piece of driftwood on a desk as examples of DIY air plant display ideaas

I stacked the rocks freely (I’ll be able to restack in a Zen-garden manner when I’m feeling stressed) and placed the plants on top. They make the perfect paperweights for my little office desk and bring back such fond memories of the summer.

So, do you have an organized or unruly desk? And do you have any special mementos that adorn your workpace?

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A stack of flat stones on a white office desk as an air plant display idea

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