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22 Awesome Wine Cork Crafts to Make

Wondering what to do with all those leftover wine corks? From wine cork coasters, magnets, monograms, even bath mats, there are so many different DIY projects to make with repurposed corks. Scroll on down for our collection of 21 must-try creative wine cork crafts and DIY ideas.

Collage showing a variety of fun and practical wine cork crafts to try.

Creative Projects to Make with Upcycled Wine Corks

One of our most popular craft projects on this blog is this DIY wine cork bath mat we made several years ago. At the time, we would never have guessed that others would be so interested in wine cork craft ideas!

These days it seems we’re collecting a lot of wine corks faster than ever before (could have a little something to do with the lockdown ;)). But this made us think that others must be in the same boat and also looking for ways to use up their leftover corks.

Where to get Wine Corks for Crafting?

If you don’t have a collection of your own to dip into, consider some of the following sources for wine corks:

Once you’ve secured a collection of wine corks, all you need is a hot glue gun and maybe some paints to make gorgeous crafts and gift ideas! From decorative wall art, signs, jewelry organizers, wine cork ornaments, hot pads and more, these easy and creative DIY wine cork crafts are sure to get you inspired!

Let us know if the comments below: which of these wine cork projects would inspire you to open a bottle of wine?

22 Must-Try Wine Cork Crafts:

Sparkling Star Decor
With a bit of paint and hot glue, make this gorgeous sparkling star decor idea. It’s easy to create and perfect for the Christmas holidays and year-round!
Check out this project
diy winter party decorations
Jewelry Organizer
Use wine corks and scrap wood to make this easy and pretty jewelry organizer.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Bulletin Board
Organize your office with a wine cork bulletin board. It’s an cute way to display your notes, pictures and lists.
Check out this project
Small Decorative Heart
This small decorative heart is perfect for valentine’s day and it’s a fun craft you can do with your kids.
Check out this project
DIY Adorable Santa Wine Cork Ornaments
Wine cork ornaments are such a clever way to recycle and create Christmas gifts for those you love.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Christmas Tree
Save your wine corks from the summer to make an adorable Christmas tree ornament, it only takes about 15 minutes to make.
Check out this project
Pineapple Art
Brighten up your home by painting your wine corks and turning them into this colorful pineapple art piece.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Bath Mat
Create something that’s earthy and rustic with this wine cork bath mat.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Backsplash
This unique backsplash uses wine corks and it’s a perfect place to store your wine bottles.
Check out this project

DIY Wine Cork Memo Board
Put those wine corks to use with this practical yet beautiful DIY cork memo board for posting your important notes.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Centerpieces
This rustic vase idea is perfect to decorate your home with or to use as centerpieces for your wedding.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Flag
Get patriotic with this wine cork flag tutorial.
Check out this project
Bottle Toppers
Decorate your bottles with wine corks and trophies. You can use these on any glass bottles and customize them with your decor.
Check out this project

Baby Yoda Cake Topper
These adorable baby Yoda cake toppers are a fun way to decorate your desserts.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Coasters
Make a set of pretty and colorful wine cork coasters.
Check out this project
DIY Wine Cork Coasters
Wine Cork Succulent Magnets
These wine cork succulent magnets are a small and easy way to bring some plant life into your kitchen.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Vase
Pick how tall or short you want your upcycled vase to be by using old glass vases and decorating them with wine corks.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Wreath
Turn your wine corks into flowers for this pretty fall wreath. Change the colors and you have a wreath for every season.
Check out this project

Wine Cork Framed Art
Frame a big piece of art with wine corks, it makes a perfect addition to any bar area.
Check out this project
Cork Coasters
Protect your surfaces with these awesome diy wine cork coasters.
Check out this project
Wine Cork Frame
Everyone has an old picture frame laying around somewhere in their house, use wine corks to make a rustic picture frame.
Check out this project
Ombre Heart
Make this ombre heart wood sign with painted wine corks.
Check out this project

So, which is your favourite wine cork craft idea?

And if you’re looking for more upcycling craft projects you can make with materials around the house, check out these upcycled wine bottle crafts or this DIY cookie sheet magnetic board.

Cheers friend!

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Tina Corzine

Thursday 21st of May 2020

Thank you for sharing my pineapple wine cork art! Planning more wine corks this summer!

Jane and Sonja

Friday 22nd of May 2020

I love your pineapple wine cork art, it brought a smile to my face! I'm also planning more wine cork projects, cheers!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.