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How to Make Resin Jewelry: DIY Birth Month Flower Pendants

It’s actually been quite a while since I’ve worn jewelry. When my youngest was a baby she would tug on any necklace or earrings I wore, so I just stopped. Now that she’s two and a half it’s not an issue anymore and I’d love to get back in the habit of wearing some bling! Moreover, our work as #ResinCraftsCreativeTeam members with ETI-USA has given us an opportunity to learn how to make resin jewelry and I’d love to share this birth month pendant idea with you.

To this day our mom has a ring that we gave her one Mother’s Day which has each of our family member’s birthstones in it. We recently found this resource of birth month flowers and thought it would be fun and thoughtful to make pendants with these flowers. Although I made just one pendant with my birth month flower (pink cosmos for October), I’m on the lookout for smaller notions to make a pendant for each of my kiddos to fit on one chain.

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Supplies Needed to make one Birth Month Flower Resin Pendant:

How to Make Resin Jewelry:

1. Carefully cut the flower photo to fit the bezel using scissors or the right size of paper punch. Paste the image into the bezel removing any bubbles underneath and generously coat the image and sides of the bezel with the multipurpose sealer. Let dry completely.


2. For best results be sure to read the instructions provided in the EnviroTex Jewelry Resin packaging. Mix exactly equal amounts of Resin and Hardener into one measuring cup. Stir continuously for 2 minutes, scraping the sides of the container.

How to make jewellery with epoxy resin

3. Pour the mixture into a second cup and stir for an additional minute, scraping the sides of the container and stir stick.

4. Using the stir stick, carefully dip your stick into the EnviroTex mixture and then drop into the bezel. Ensure that your bezel is level – I had to prop up one end a bit with a piece of paper. Fill the piece slightly higher than the rim for a nice dome finish.

Step by step tutorial on how to make resin jewelry with a flower image Using EnviroTex Lite Resin to make your own resin jewelry

5. Cover to keep dust from settling in. After about 25 minutes, remove any bubbles that have risen to the surface by gently blowing over the piece through a straw. Repeat if necessary after another 15 minutes. Cover and allow to cure overnight.

I’m pretty happy with how this DIY resin pendant turned out and am looking forward to making more as I collect all of the flower photos for my kids’ birth months. This DIY jewellery idea would make a lovely personalized and unique gift for someone special, for her birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas.

Learn how to make resin jewelry with this step-by-step tutorial. Use it to make one-of-a-kind birth month flower pendants. Great handmade gift idea for her!

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Such a thoughtful and personalized handmade gift idea! Learn how to make resin jewelry with this step-by-step tutorial.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.