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20+ Cool Paper Crafts to Try

Feeling crafty? Well we know the feeling! So we’ve got you covered with this fun round up of 20+ creative and cool paper crafts you’ll want to try this year!

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What to Make with Paper?

I’m always amazed at the sort of things I see people making with paper! From DIY wreaths, handmade cards to paper mache bowls and other decor for the home, it’s hard not to feel inspired by all these projects. And the nice thing about these creations is that paper is a really accessible material in terms of price and the ability to find. I always have a collection of colored cardstock on hand for when inspiration strikes!

I hope you get motivated to make something with this round up. I’d love to know, which one of these crafts would you want to try first?

Making Seed Paper

Plantable Seed Paper
Make your own plantable seed paper with recycled paper and your favorite flower seeds.
Check out this project

Beautiful Paper Wreaths

These DIY wreaths are one-of-a-kind creations that we would love to hang on our walls!

Book Paper Wreath
Upcycle an old books pages into a charming paper wreath.
Check out this project
Music Sheet Wreath
Roll up music sheets to make this lovely heart wreath.
Check out this project
cool paper craft wreath.
Colorful Paper Wreath
Make a colorful paper wreath it’s a simple way to upcycle your wrapping paper, packing paper or even Kraft paper.
Check out this project

Paper Ornaments

Paper Ornaments
These unique looking paper ornaments are really easy to make, no cutting needed!
Check out this project
cool paper craft ornaments.
Paper Stars
Use origami paper, cardboard or even gift wrap to make these glamorous paper stars.
Check out this project

Paper Flowers

We just can’t get enough of paper flowers here on the blog! Check out these posts to make your own beautiful and happy flowers that will never wilt.

Gerbara Daisies
Use a Cricut machine to cut the paper for these Gerbara Daisies. Then follow along with the video tutorial to make your own.
Check out this project
cool paper crafts gerbara daisies.
Paper Egg
These mini paper flowers are used to decorate an Easter egg but this rolling paper flower technique can be used on any decor.
Check out this project
cool paper craft egg.
Cherry Blossom Paper Flowers
Capture the beauty of Cherry Blossoms with these sweet paper flowers that’ll last all year long.
Check out this project
cherry blossom paper flowers
Paper Dahlia
This pretty paper Dahlia is a lot easier to make than it looks. The two toned colors really make it stand out.
Check out this project
Cool paper craft dahlia.
Framed Paper Peony Flowers
These framed peony flowers makes a great gift and it would look great as nursery decor, or to decorate a craft room or home office.
Check out this project

Handmade Cards

Combine pretty pressed flowers with paper to make a simple and lovely handmade card.

Pressed Flower Greeting Card
Make your own greeting card for someone special using dried flowers.
Check out this project
cool paper crafts greeting card.

Other Creative Things to Make with Paper

You can make these other decor ideas with paper by following the simple steps outlined in the posts.

Colorful Summer Garland with Paper Popsicles
Make your own easy and colorful summer garland using pretty decorative paper cut out with the free popsicle template and SVG file.
Check out this project
Paper Mache Bowl
Paper mache isn’t just for kids! Make your own paper mache decorative bowl.
Check out this project
cool paper crafts paper mache bowl
Cookbook Cover
Use your favorite Instagram food pictures to make a paper cookbook cover.
Check out this project
cool paper crafts book cover
Scrap Paper Owl
Use up your stash of scrapbook paper to make a cute little owl decoration.
Check out this project
cool paper crafts scrapbook owl
Pretty Paper Feather Wall Decor
Check out this project

Seasonal DIY Craft Ideas

Check out these DIY projects using paper for the holidays and other times of the year!

Fairy House
This is a Christmas decoration that you could really use year round. This paper fairy house is adorable and easy to make.
Check out this project
cool paper crafts fairy house.
Christmas Tree Cereal Box Craft
Grab some empty boxes, pretty paper and glitter paint to make a pair of decorative Christmas trees.
Check out this project
Clothespin Crafts for Halloween
Have fun making these clothespin crafts for Halloween using our free SVG cutting file.
Check out this project

More Paper Craft Ideas to Try

We recently also shared this round up of paper crafts geared towards teenagers as well as this list of gorgeous giant paper flower tutorials.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.