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Non Candy Halloween Treat Idea: Coloring Booklet (Free Printable)

While we’re not quite sure about this year’s trick-or-treating situation, we are looking forward to celebrating in a fun way. These little colouring booklets are a non candy Halloween treat to give classmates, friends and neighbours.

Halloween is just around the corner and the kids are super excited. In addition to dressing up and trick-or-treating, they love celebrating with their classmates at schoo.

Non Candy Halloween Treats for Classmates

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Each year we try to find inexpensive treats which they can share with their class. Since the school has a strick nut-free policy (and having a peanut allergic child at home), we always send non-food gifts.

Once Halloween we made these cute witch’s broomsticks with glow sticks. Other years we’ve given pencils and Halloween-themed erasers.

For something different, last year we gave each classmate a mini coloring book with a few crayons. We attached the crayons to the front of the booklets with some festive Halloween-themed washi tape.

To make the booklets:

  1. Download the Halloween coloring booklet printable file;
  2. Print it out in black and white, double-sided;
  3. Cut out the strips along the dashed lines (a paper-cutter is really helpful for this);
  4. Stack the strips to assemble the booklets, making sure the Happy Halloween design is on the top;
  5. Fold the booklet in half;
  6. Staple along the middle.

That’s it! Fun little Halloween-themed coloring booklets.

I might even print some out to give any trick-or-treaters alongside other treats this year.

We hope you have a sake and happy Halloween friends.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.