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Paper Flowers Wall Hangings with Cricut Venture

Now that we’ve batched a large amount of 3D paper succulents with ease using our Cricut Venture, we couldn’t wait to craft these lovely driftwood and paper succulent wall hangings. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to assemble all the pieces to make this unique home decor.

We previously shared the unboxing, easy set-up a couple of quick beginner projects and our first impressions in our Cricut Venture: Complete Guide and Review post. So for more information on all the things the Cricut Venture can do, be sure to head over to that post.

Why We Love Crafting Wall Hangings

In all honesty, we weren’t certain how this wall hanging was going to turn out. But boy oh boy, we sure were excited to see it come together. Everything from the wood beads, weathered wood and colorful paper succulents played so well off of each other.

Materials Needed to Make a Driftwood and Paper Wall Hanging:

  • wide piece of driftwood or wood surface
  • x2 eyelets
  • twine, cut to 8″ long
  • natural wood beads, 5/8″ diameter
  • assorted 3D paper succulents
  • hot glue gun

How to Cut Paper Succulents with the Cricut Venture

To learn how to cut paper succulents using the Cricut Venture, head over to our batching 3D paper succulents post. We take you through the complete step by step instructions from inserting the spiral succulent design pattern into Cricut Design Space to wrapping the cut pieces to form beautiful succulents.

Assembling a 3D Paper Succulent Wall Hanging

Now that all the pieces are ready for crafting we can begin to assemble the wall hanging.

Begin by inserting the black eyelets into the driftwood piece and then tie one end of the twine to the eyelet. Thread the wooden beads on to the twine and tie off the other end of the twine to complete the hanging loop. 

Next, play around with the placement of the paper succulents on top of the driftwood. When happy with the layout, use a hot glue gun to secure them in place. 

Hang to enjoy!

More Creative Cricut Paper Crafts to Make at Home

To learn more about Cricut Venture, check out our Complete Guide and Review! We even have a fun unboxing video to watch on our YouTube channel.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.