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75 Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Never run out of craft ideas again. With these 75 crafts to do with kids, you will not only find crafts that you all love, but crafts that highlight the most creative sides of your kids.

Collage of images of crafts to do with kids including coffee filter butterflies, bird feeders and tie dye blankets.

Sometimes we are tempted to save crafts to do with our kids for rainy days. Don’t get me wrong-that is always a great idea. However, when we do crafts with kids on a regular basis there are tons of benefits.

Benefits of doing crafts with kids:

  • Bonding time with them
  • Motor skills
  • Teaching them how to spark creativity
  • Finding their strengths through art
  • Teaching life skills
  • Generosity- teach them to give their crafts as thoughtful gifts

That list doesn’t even begin to cover all the ways that crafts help our kids- and us too!

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Art Crafts to do With Your Kids

These art crafts are mostly painting crafts- but they don’t only involve paint!

Try the different types of painting with your kids with these activities below. All of them are unique and will help change up normal painting activities if they are bored with simply painting on paper.

Outdoor and Nature Crafts

Outdoor crafts and nature crafts are great crafts to do with kids!

Most nature crafts involve upcycling, or taking parts of nature (or older items) and turning them into something new and beautiful! These DIY crafts will get your kids into nature while also tuning in to their crafty and creative side.

Fabric Crafts

Kids’ imaginations get to expand even more with fabric crafts. Not only do they get to show their artistic side, but they get to see it come alive on tee-shirts and other places.

If you are looking to boost self-esteem in your kids, fabric crafts may be an excellent place to start.

Clay, Crayons and Playdough

Never underestimate clay, crayons, and playdough!

Not only are all of these great for fine and gross motor skills, but they also combine sensory play with craft-time.

Whether you choose a clay activity, a salt dough activity, or something else, all of these crafts will be sure to bring a smile to your kids.

Paper Crafts

Who knew how many ideas could come from paper?

If you are looking to get rid of scraps of paper in your house, make sure to tune into these paper crafts. Your kids’ imaginations will run wild when they get to try a few of these ideas.

Once they try a few of these, it will be amazing to see what ideas they come up with on their own.

Recycled and Repurposed Crafts

Recycled and repurposed crafts not only teach your kid about art, they also teach your kids about recycling and how to help the environment!

Get them in the mindset of turning what others may see as trash into treasure with all of these fun crafts for kids.

More Crafts to do With Your Kids

Never run out of crafts to do with kids- try these below! These will give endless ideas to stir your children’s imaginations.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.