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6 Reasons the Cricut Joy Makes a Great Holiday Gift

Hi creative friend! If you are still hunting for a great holiday gift idea for a loved one, keep on reading! Today we’re talking about all the reasons we believe the Cricut Joy makes a thoughtful, practical and and perfect gift idea for any DIYer on your list!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cricut. All opinions are our own. You can read our full disclosure here.

Cricut Joy stacked on top of a  box in front of a Christmas tree

Getting a Cricut for the first Time

As you might know, when we got our Cricut Maker a few years ago, we were complete novices to Cricut! You can see our sense of excitement and curiosity in our unboxing video.

So when Cricut Joy came along we already had built up a bit of practice with a cutting machine and some of the ways they could be used.

But there was something so uniquely exciting about the small yet mighty Cricut Joy: we could pull it out at any time when inspiration struck and add a little something extra to the projects we were making!

Cricut Joy placed on a table in front of a Christmas tree

The fact that you need very few accessories to get the job done, and can operate the machine directly from our phones was so freeing!

All of a sudden we were inspired to try and make all the things that Cricut Joy offered:

  • quick, user-friendly cutting projects
  • convenience of making greeting cards using the card kits
  • printing pretty custom labels to organize our jars and pantry
  • cutting extra long designs (up to 5.5” wide and 20’ long!)

Overall, the Cricut Joy made it easy to add a personalized touch to just about anything. Here are just a few of the crafts we’d made recently:

Cricut Joy as a Great Holiday Gift Idea

In addition to the perks already mentioned, here are six other reasons we think the Cricut Joy makes a great gift for the holidays:

  1. Great price point – at under $200 its the lowest priced cutting machine offered by Cricut.
  2. Compatible with Cricut Design Space – access thousands of ready-to-make projects plus fonts and images for any craft you have in mind.
  3. Great for beginners – the Cricut Joy is so simple to set up and use and the perfect place to start as a beginner Cricut crafter.
  4. Versatile – although it’s small, it really does so much! You’ll be able to precision cut adhesive vinyl, iron-on vinyl, paper, labels, Cricut Infusible Ink as well as draw with a huge selection of markers and pens.
  5. Compact and light – since it is so small, you do not need a lot of space to store or operate the Cricut Joy. It’s also really easy to take it out and move around as needed.
  6. Few extra accessories needed – with the Cricut Joy, your device and a roll of Smart Vinyl you’re all set to go!

This last point is especially great if you’re thinking to give the Cricut Joy as a gift because the recipient will truly be able to get going with their crafting as soon as they receive it.

Cricut Joy stacked on top of a  box in front of a Christmas tree, opened  for Christmas

The Ultimate  “Holiday Cricut Joy Gift Bundle”

If you are interested in adding some extra goodies to your Cricut Joy gift (or asking for them from Santa 🙂 ), here are our recommendations. Many of them are on sale right now (under $10!), making it a perfect time to pick them up.

gift unwrapped full of Cricut Joy accessories and materials

We hope you’ve found this post helpful for your holiday gift shopping and beyond. If you’re still not sure what a Cricut can do, we have a collection of two dozen Cricut projects for beginners.

You can also see the Cricut Joy in action over on our YouTube channel where we demonstrate three gift and craft ideas using this versatile crafting helper!

YouTube video

Happy holidays friends!

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pinnable image of the Cricut Joy

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.