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Fun Nature Crafts for Kids

Keeping kids off the devices can be tough, real tough. Whether your kid’s are already “one with nature” or they need some inspiration, these nature crafts for kids are the good type of distraction for keeping them busy.

No matter the amount of toys we have in the house, it never seems to be enough to keep our kids entertained. New toys get the most attention but soon those are easily forgotten. Creative play using nature-made materials is one option for fun and unique, budget-friendly activity.

Nature Crafts with Bugs and Animals

All kids love animals and many are also fascinated by bugs! Consider making a cute hibernation habitat or insect hotel with your little ones using scavenged twigs, leaves and rocks. Or make a bird feeder that they’ll be proud to watch the birds enjoy!

Nature Crafts with Rocks and Stones

Crafting with rocks has been our go-to nature craft for our kids. Whether it’s making these kindness painted rocks for the family to scatter around the neighbourhood or painting them for “art class”, we are grateful for nature’s medium.

Nature Art

Using leaves, flowers, pine cones and tree branches is all that is needed to make beautiful nature art such as these leaf stamps, suncatchers and wind chimes. Which work of art will your little one like to make?

Nature Play

We love the idea of making a fairy house using natural materials found outdoors. Spark their imagination with a planned scavenger hunt and have them create masks, dolls or crowns with their found objects.

Nature Crafts with Leaves

Leaf rubbing takes me right back to my childhood, do you remember any of these nature crafts with leaves? I think my oldest tween would really enjoy making these pretty leaf lanterns!

Nature Crafts with Sticks and Branches

Even something as simple as a stick can be turned into adorable, silly stick people and a rainbow tree!

Nature Crafts with Acorns and Pinecones

And lastly, we can’t forget pinecones! We personally love to create anything using pine cones such as our beautiful pinecone flowers and our Spring pinecone wall hanging. You cna follow these tips for how to clean pine cones for crafting before starting.

How have you been keeping your little ones busy these days?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.