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Patio Decorating Ideas: 12 Simple DIY Ideas for Easy Summer Entertaining

Summer is here and we’re looking forward to enjoying this short time to spend outdoors. A few simple touches can make all the difference in elevating our patios and porches. Read on for some easy DIY patio decorating ideas to help make the most of this summer season.

12 DIY patio decorating ideas to wow your friends this summer or to create a cozy patio oasis to relax in.

This citrus votive candle idea is an interesting way to set a relaxing mood on your patioscape. Head on over to find the full DIY lemon or lime candles tutorial (you could also use oranges or other citrus fruit!). And continue reading below for run-down of all the simple DIY patio decorating ideas we have for you.

DIY citrus candles plus 11 other patio decorating ideas to make your outdoor summer entertaining extra special.

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12 DIY Patio Decorating Ideas

Upcycled Driftwood Votive Candle

In addition to the citrus candles, get creative with standard glass votive candles. Embellish them with some small branches or driftwood pieces. You can also upcycle driftwood and kitchen supplies to make a fun owl garden decor piece.

Upcycled standard votive candle with driftwood | DIY patio decorating ideas | Outdoor patio decor crafts

Fruit-Stamped Plates

Use some acrylic paint and a cute stamp to personalize some plain ceramic plates.

DIY fruit stamped ceramic plates plus 11 other DIY outdoor patio decorating ideas for your summer entertaining.

Wrapped Rope Coasters and Place Mats

Make your own simple coasters and placemats by wrapping and gluing a length of rope around itseld. They’re so versatile and add a little coastal touch to the patio.

Wrapped rope coasters plus 11 other simple patio decor ideas.

Seasonal Fresh Flower Centerpiece

Get outdoors and collect some in-season flowers or greens. Add them in a simple vase or large jar for an inexpensive and rustic centerpiece. (Check out our mom’s beautiful summer flower garden tour.)

Seasonal fresh flower centerpiece plus 11 other ideas for decorating your summer patio.

Pinecone Garland

String together some evenly spaced-out pine cones to make an all-natural garland for the patio railing.

YouTube video

Leaf-Stamped Throw Pillow

Embellish plain white throw pillow covers with a touch of nature. Use this simple leaf-stamping technique to create lovely outdoor throw pillows.

DIY throw pillow plus 11 other patio decorating ideas for a relaxing patio retreat.

DIY Sea Shell Wind Chime

This wind chime sounds perfect clinking in the wind and also makes a gorgeous wall hanging for a coastal style bedroom.

YouTube video

Relaxing Activities

Rock’N Tic Tac Game

Now that you have your patio decorating ideas in place, get back to basics with a simple tic tac toe game to keep guests occupied.

YouTube video

Relaxing Crochet Project

Or if you prefer to lounge and relax in your new cozy patio oasis, pick up a new book or crochet project such as our free sand pebble crochet afghan pattern.

Crochet afghan pattern plus 11 other ideas for summer patio relaxation.

Food and Drink

Refreshing Cucumber Mint Water

Keep your guests hydrated by slicing up some cucumbers, strawberries and fresh mint and adding it to a pitcher filled with water and ice. Or for a fancier twist, try our 3-ingredient Luscious Peach Bellini.

Refreshing cucumber, strawberry and mint water plus 11 cozy patio decorating ideas to try.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch

Finally, treat your company to this delicious strawberry rhubarb crunch or our easy zucchini bread with berries recipe.

Strawberry rhubarb crunch plus 11 other DIY ideas for a cozy patio oasis.

Be sure to pick up our printable project guides with these patio decorating ideas. If you need more ideas check out these patio decor ideas on Etsy.

From decor, games, food and drink, we have twelve DIY patio decorating ideas to wow your guests this summer or create a cozy patio oasis to relax in.

What are your favourite patio decorating ideas?

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12 Simple DIY patio decorating ideas you can make this summer. Simple craft ideas for your backyard patio.

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