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30 Creative Cricut Projects To Sell

Looking of ways to put your Cricut cutting machine to work? If so, we’ve got you covered with this full list of over 30 trending Cricut projects to sell for entrepreneurs-in-the-making.

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Collage of Cricut ideas to sell including custom jars, throw pillow, decor, baby clothing and more.

Get Inspired with these Cricut Ideas to Sell

Let’s face it, the Cricut Maker (and new Cricut Venture) are pricey. But so too is a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and an acoustic guitar, which like crafting, are also considered hobbies .

Although for many of us, crafting is first and foremost a hobby that we enjoy, owning a Cricut machine does give you the potential to turn that hobby into a side hustle.

Have you ever wondered if you can make money with Cricut? We previously shared this blog post on 5 ways the Cricut Maker can support your small business and Cricut projects for beginners. With loads of potential for amateurs and professionals alike, selling Cricut crafts is a great way to make a little extra money to support your crafting habit or even build a full time business.

Where to sell your Cricut Crafts

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Unlike in the past where brick-and-mortar shops and craft fairs were the main places to sell handmade goods, there are so many more options now. Here are some of our favorites to explore:

  • open your own Etsy shop (we have three of them!)
  • build an online shop with a website such as Shopify
  • list your goods on Facebook Marketplace
  • look for buy and sell Facebook groups in your community
  • talk to local gift shops and florists to ask if they’ll stock your cricut creations
  • church bazaars and holiday craft fairs

Building A Profitable Cricut Business

There are a few considerations to keep in mind as you’re thinking of selling your Cricut products.

Make products that are in high demand

This may seem obvious, but not everything we create makes a great product for sale. The best things to make for a business are those that others are searching to buy for themselves or others.

Think about how your creations can meet the needs of buyers for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, or the holiday season. As you start to sell your items, you’ll identify some best sellers – keep building off of those to expand your product line.

Consider your costs

Be sure to keep close track of the cost of materials you use in your crafting to ensure that you’re going to be profitable with your handmade items.

Everything from the cost of the machine (be it the Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Joy, Cricut Maker or new Cricut Venture), the consumables (e.g. vinyl, paper, heat transfer vinyl, transfer tape, the surface you are using), cut file costs (or Cricut Access membership) are just a few costs which need to be factored in to your final price point.

Will you make custom designs?

The best part of Cricut crafting is the ability to customize and make trully unique items for your customers.

While adding that personal touch is always a good idea when building your business, custom work takes more time which will cut into the profibility of your products.

Do you need a commercial license to create your products?

If you are using your own designs for your cut files you don’t need to worry about a license for commercial use.

However, if you plan to upload digital files that someone else has made, be sure to check the licensing policies. Most free SVG files are offered just for personal use only. The Cricut Angel Policy outlines how images and cut files from Cricut Design Space can be used by small businesses.

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Alright, so now that we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s get started with those profitable Cricut business ideas!

From jewelry, clothing, gift to home decor, here are just a few best selling Cricut projects to try and incorporate in your cricut craft business. Best of all, you can find the full tutorials for making the projects by clicking through to the projects.

Jewelry-Making with Cricut

Cricut makes working with materials such as leather for earings, bracelets and other accessroies a breeze.

Leather Earrings
This template makes three different types of leather earrings. These popular jewelry pieces are great to sell at craft shows!
Check out this project

Home Decor Cricut Project Ideas

Cricut makes it possible to personalize and sell home decor items such as pillows, mason jars, wooden signs and even repurposed books!

Personalized Pillow
Create a playful and personalized saying for a throw pillow that you can sell.
Check out this project
personalized gifts for him
Stacked Book Decor
Materials for these stacked books only cost $3 so it’s a great project to start with if you’re just starting to sell your Cricut projects.
Check out this project
Farmhouse Style Painted Mason Jars
Farmhouse inspired decor is popular and these pretty chalky painted mason jar flower vases are easy to make and great to sell.
Check out this project
Summer Rules Sign
Find popular quotes, like this fun summer rules sign that you can sell.
Check out this project
DIY Anti-Collision Window Decals
These anti-collision window decals are just one example of the type of vinyl decals you can make and sell with a Cricut machine. The sky's the limit here – everything from custom name decals, wedding decor and phrases, to car decals and more.
Check out this project

Cricut Paper Crafts and Activities

From party decor, greeting cards, sticker and paper flowers, Cricut projects with paper are easy crafts that can make a lot of money.

Scratch Art
These scratch art robots are a great bulk activity you can sell to teachers or parents.
Check out this project
Making a Card with Cricut Joy
Send someone a note of appreication with a thoughtful "Thanks a Latte" card, made with the Cricut Joy.
Check out this project
DIY Planner Stickers with Cricut
Planner stickers are hugely trending and popular. Turn your own art and drawings into useful designs to sell. You just need some sticker paper and this handy tutorial.
Check out this project
DIY Planner Stickers with Cricut
Cricut Cake Toppers
Learn how to easily make Cricut cake toppers with just a few paper supplies. You can customize toppers for any occasion!
Check out this project
Cricut Cake Toppers
Cricut Peonies Framed Flowers
Cricut Design Space has so many beautiful paper flower designs. We used their peony design to make this gorgeous framed art – a great gift for Mother's Day!
Check out this project

Cricut Projects for Pets and Animals

If you’re an animal lover, you may enjoy making adorable pet-friendly accessories to sell to other animal lovers!

Dog Bandana
This fun and customizable Cricut project is perfect to sell to people looking to dress up their fur babies.
Check out this project
Anti-Collision Bird Window Decals
Use some removable vinyl to create these simple silhouettes to prevent birds from colliding with windows. This would also be a great product to batch with the new Cricut Venture.
Check out this project

DIY Signs with Cricut

From inspiring to silly; there are so many creative DIY signs to be made and sold using a Cricut cutting machine.

Man Cave Sign
These man cave rules can be put on any size canvas and it’s a funny addition to any man cave or shed.
Check out this project
Wall Hanging
Create a beautiful DIY canvas wall hanging
Check out this project
canvas wall hanging
Canvas Wall Art
These reverse canvas farmhouse wall decor signs are a popular item and can be customized with a great design.
Check out this project
Farmhouse Inspired DIY Round Wood Sign
Making farmhouse-inspired round wood signs using a Cricut cutting machine.
Check out this project

Adorable Baby Accessories

Birth Stat Stuffie
Use your Cricut to make personalized keepsakes for new parents and grandparents looking for that perfect baby gift.
Check out this project
Custom Baby Onesie
Make matching family outfits for baby and parents with this custom baby onesie and tshirt tutorial.
Check out this project

T-Shirts and Other Apparel

With the use of an EasyPress, the potential to make personalized tees and other accessories is endless.

How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink on a Cosmetic Bag
Sharing our experience on how to use Cricut Infusible Ink on a cosmetic bag.
Check out this project
Custom T-shirts
Make custom tshirts that you can sell to families, party groups and people looking for great gift.
Check out this project
Mermaid Tshirt
Mermaids, glitter and the Cricut maker create this custom tshirt design that’s perfect for any summer loving kid or adult.
Check out this project
Sleep Masks
Perfect for spa baskets, new moms, birthdays and holidays these sleep masks can be sold to anyone looking to pamper someone they love.
Check out this project
Personalized Tote Bags
Tote bags are great Cricut project ideas because there are so many options. Instead of using vinyl, you can design them with Infusible Ink for a seemless finish. These personalized Halloween bags are a great idea with spooky season coming up.
Check out this project

Holiday Crafts

Christmas Gift Bags
A beautiful and reusable gift bag can be sold to anyone looking to reduce wrapping paper and garbage for the holidays.
Check out this project
reusable Christmas gift bag with Cricut EasyPress 2
Festive Coasters
Make a holiday set of pom pom coasters for anyone looking for festive home decor.
Check out this project

Gift Giving Ideas for Him (and Her)

DIY wine glasses with the Cricut Maker for Valentine’s Day
Custom wine glasses make a great gift for a wedding, teacher or co-worker. Learn how easy it is to make your own.
Check out this project
DIY wine glasses with the Cricut Maker for Valentine’s Day
Dad Things Crate
This Dad things crate would be perfect to sell for Father’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion.
Check out this project
Father’s Day Mug
This Father’s Day coffee mug is just one way to make a custom mug to sell.
Check out this project
child holding a diy father's day coffee mug
Easy Personalized Bachelorette Water Bottles With Cricut
Water bottles are great things to personalize as a lot of people use them day-to-day. In this easy Cricut tutorial, you’ll learn how to make super cute personalized bachelorette water bottles!
Check out this project
Easy Personalized Bachelorette Water Bottles With Cricut
Personalized Garden Toolset
This customized tool sett makes a great craft to sell as a gift idea for any gardener.
Check out this project

We hope this list of Cricut projects to sell has inspired you to pursue that side business you’ve been thinking about. These popular Cricut projects are a great place to start – which will become your best seller?

If you’re still just getting used to your Cricut cutting machine, check out our collection of over 20 Cricut projects for beginners.

CRICUT PROJECTS: Get access to our resource library filled with SVG cut files and other Cricut craft ideas!

Happy crafting!

Other Crafts to Make and Sell

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.