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DIY Trash to Treasure Centerpiece

Thrift store centerpieces are all the rage – and with good reason! Why buy an expensive centerpiece that looks like everyone else’s when you can buy pieces from a thrift store to make exactly what you want?

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Thrift Store Centerpieces Can Become Masterpieces!

Every Thursday we have a segment called Thrifted Thursdays. With this, we share three different things we upcycled during the week. We never tire of upcycling!

My mother-in-law found a beautiful rustic tray made with branches from the thrift store. We knew that it couldn’t stay as it was but needed to be made into something more. It became the perfect tray to become a centerpiece. This way, we could put different fall pieces on it to create rustic fall thrift store centerpieces. She also found a canister, and we found a little tin to go with it. Now we could get started with our beautiful fall creation!

It is amazing how different things that otherwise would never go together combine to create a great fall masterpiece! If you don’t go to thrift stores often, I highly encourage it. You never know what masterpieces you will create!

Materials Needed:

It all started with this rustic tree brand tray that was already painted in white. I kept with the theme and layered other thrift store finds!

By painting the canister and bucket in distressed white paint and adding touches of black details with the ribbon, “faith” lettering and these plaid scrap fabric DIY no-sew pumpkins, the finishing centerpiece really ca

How to Make Thrift Store Centerpieces

You can watch along to the YouTube video for the instructions on how to create these great centerpieces!

Here is the thing with thrift store masterpieces: we showed you how we made ours on the video, but we also understand that because of thrift store finds, each one will look slightly different. That is the great thing about crafting!

If you are feeling bold, gather some friends and go thrift shopping together, and then head home to make thrift store centerpieces together! Not only will it be a ton of fun, but you’ll be amazed by how different the centerpieces are.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.